Xiaomi M365 Scooter Issues Error 14 (Gearbite)

Hello Everyone,

I got a Xiaomi Scooter from Gearbite about 2 weeks ago. Used it on 6 days. From time to time it would not work but worked in general. It would beep and not work but then after few seconds it would work. Yesterday somehow it stopped working completely. After checking on Google found out that the beeps mean a code number. I.e. Error 14. It beeps in a pattern. One long and 4 short beeps. Not much information about this in google or YouTube.

I asked Gearbite. They are not very responsive but I’m still hoping they will come up with some solution.

If anyone else in the forum has experienced this issue, would you please share your experience?


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    "14 Acceleration sensor reading is abnormal"
    Errors 14, 15 – throttle and brake errors

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    Error 14: Weight overload

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    Yeah, I've got exactly the same issue. I've bought a new accelerater and am going to install it this weekend, I'll let you know whether that works or not.

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      How old is yours?

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        Got mine in January, went wrong after a mate came off it a couple of weeks ago. Tried taking apart the accelerater and checking the magnets were still in place according to the YouTube instructional videos but they seemed fine so next step is to replace the accelerater.

        Might be worth checking if your magnets are still in the right place.

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        Ok Xuqi, fitting the new accelerator has fixed the error 14 problem.

        It's very easy to change over,

        • Buy a new one off eBay for $20.I bought a genuine one.
        • Take off the right grip
        • Undo the screw underneath the old accelerator.
        • Flick off the top face plate from the display with a flathead screwdriver.
        • Undo the little screw underneath the face plate and the one underneath the front light.
        • Pull out the light unit carefully.
        • Undo those 3 screws behind the light.
        • Gently pull out the cables which are tucked in underneath the display.
        • Disconnect the white connector for the 3 wires which join up to the old accelerator (it has a green wire in it which is the only one with green it)
          -Take out the rubber seal between the display and the old accelerator
        • Slide off the old accelerator
        • Fit the new one and then connect everything back up.

        Job done. No more bleeps. No more error 14.


    Hello Everyone, Gearbite has been very nice in offering me to send the scooter to them at their cost. However, My scooter has started working without doing any fix. Hence didn’t send it back.

    Now I’m wondering how it fixed itself from Error 14? It fixed itself after 4 days of staying still.

    Could it be because of some moisture condensation or so which dried over time?

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