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Free Regular PERi PERi Chips with Any Main Item Purchase @ Nando's (New Members Only)


register yourself to Nando's Peri-Perks
Receive a complimentary regular chips or regular PERi-PERi chips when you purchase any main item (excludes Appetizers, Sides, Extras, Desserts, Drinks, Catering)
allow plenty of time as does not happen straight away
it took 2 hours for mine to arrive
new member only

Terms and Conditions
Complimentary Chips Offer: valid only for Nando's PERi-Perks members within Australia. Receive a complimentary regular chips or regular PERi-PERi chips when you purchase any main item (excludes Appeteasers, Sides, Extras, Desserts, Drinks, Catering). Voucher must be scanned to redeem. This offer is one time use only. Offer valid 3 months from send date of this email. Period of offer subject to change at Nando’s sole discretion. Not valid with any other offer unless specific by Nando’s Australia. Offer valid while stocks last. Offer valid at Nando’s restaurants in Australia only. Offer cannot be substituted for any other item or cash. Offer not valid with catering, delivery or online orders. One complimentary chips per transaction. Points are accrued for items where payment is made (excluding charity), provided that the Card or App barcode associated with the Account is scanned at the time of purchase. Purchases of charity items will not accrue Points. When a PERi-Perks offer is redeemed Points will not be awarded for the discounted or complimentary item - all other items in the transaction that have been paid for will earn points. Barcode is for registered members use only and is not to be shared.

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    • So get in quick 😉

    • and just got hacked as well.


      As one of our favourite people, we’re taking the precaution to share with you some important information about your cyber safety.

      We’ve recently noticed an increase in suspicious activity involving several
      attempts at multiple logins to our PERi-Perks database in Australia through our Nando’s Australia app (AKA the ‘PERi-Perks app’) and our website (nandos.com.au).

      We’ve engaged external IT partners to support us on this and their investigations have uncovered evidence of a technique commonly known as ‘credential stuffing’. This practice is not related to the security measures of a company, but instead takes advantage of the fact many people use the same email and password combination across more than one account. The unauthorised party takes emails and passwords that have been previously stolen from one source and tries to ‘stuff’ these credentials into the login page of another data source (i.e. our Nando’s Australia app or website).

      We’re continuing our investigations into this matter, but as a precaution, we are recommending you reset your PERi-Perks password and review the passwords you use on other sites and apps.

      Your new PERi-Perks password should:
      Be at least 13 characters long
      Be a mix of numbers, letters and symbols
      Not use repeated characters
      Not contain personal information like your name or address
      Be unique to your PERi-Perks account and not used across multiple accounts, websites or apps
      Your PERi-Perks account contains personal information (e.g. name, DOB,
      email address). If you use the same password for multiple unrelated accounts (eg. bank accounts, other membership programs or online shopping) the credential >stuffing technique used by the unauthorised individual has the potential to give them access to the information held by you in these other accounts if they >run your credentials across those databases.

      We’re sharing this information with you for two reasons. Firstly, so you can consider the possible consequences (if any) for you, and secondly, to ensure you can continue to confidently use your Nando’s app to earn and redeem PERi-Perks points.

      We understand you may need help to reset your password, wish to verify
      the authenticity of this email or have any questions. You can email us at [email protected] and we’ll get back to you.

      It is not possible for Nando’s to determine whether your personal data has been accessed without authorisation. If you have concerns we also suggest the following:
      Change your account passwords, using a different password for each account; and;
      Be aware of potential phishing emails and calls from anyone requesting your personal details and avoid opening attachments from unknown senders on any virtual platforms.
      Nando’s takes the security of your data very seriously and has notified the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC) of this attack and we recommend you visit their website for more information: https://www.oaic.gov.au/individuals/data-breach-guidance/wha... and for general information about how to protect your personal data visit www.scamwatch.gov.au.

      • I was just about to post this as well.

        It’s a no from me. We shouldn’t support businesses who can’t handle or protect personal data. I am guessing this email message was the initial soft blow before a further email will be sent with the truth. Who knows if they are going to be honest. Remember when companies like Catch being hacked and user data compromised but they hid it from users for months. You can’t trust them.

        Instead of signing up, I would be closing down my accounts until Nando’s can demonstrate they can protect user data. The same goes for any business.

    • That's really sad, feel bad for all the franchisees. I was looking at buying into a franchise (not necessarily nandos) but am really turned off at the moment with so many reports of churning and investors losing their life's savings

  • Just claimed one earlier at Alexandria store, existing member. Maybe targeted?