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½ Price Ichiban Noodle Bowl 150g $2 @ Woolworths


Ichiban instant Noodles With Real Australian Roast Beef made from real Australian roast beef.

Also available in Roast Pork Flavour

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  • I saw these the other day, has anyone tried them?

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      tried them once during special last time. Very nice. Will be stocking more.

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        Really? I couldn't get past the brawn-like jelly substance in the beef sachet.

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          That stuff thickens the soup…

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          "When cooled, stock that is made from meat congeals because of the natural gelatin found in the meat"

    • They are ok. Better options around for the price imo.

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        Such as? Genuine question, not trying to have a go.

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          Woolies has some decent options (but not bowl/cup) such as Indomie, Shin Black, Neoguri, Samyang.

          Pretty much every Asian grocery has a better selection sometimes cheap, sometimes not. Try Nissin Raoh, various Samyang options, or pretty much anything, be adventurous. Often lots of bowl/cup options there.

          I do like the little piece of meat you get in this bowl though, even if it doesn't really work, it's still satisfying to have in any case.

          • @Hardicus: Thanks, will give some of your recommendations a go.

            I've tried these and they seemed good compared to others I've tried like the spicy one from Korean stores (name escapes me right now).

            These do seem quite pricey for 2 min noodles, even at half price.

            • @tycho: Shin ramyun or ssamyang or paldo brands

        • May be Campbell's Chunky soup in a can. Go very well with rice.

        • If you like curry flavours you should try "Penang White curry Mee" one of the best 2 min noodles. At the asian grocery you can always buy beef, fish, pork etc balls which you can freeze and take out and use a few when you cook up your noodles

          • @SpendLess: Yeah the Penang white is good too, there's a cheapo one at Woolies but there's also some bomb ones at Asian groceries too.

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    • Yeah only once but was quite nice.

    • Yes, one of the best out there.

      Normally they come in the wide bowls.

  • Where is this made?

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    • Republic of China

      • Taiwan has left the chat

      • Without the People's

  • 3410 mg Sodium

    • It is 2430mg per serving. It is tasty but don't drink all the soup base hahah. For reference an entire box of cheezuls 125g has 1500mg of sodium. Dat stuff salty as!

    • Roast Beef bowl has the highest sodium amount.

      There is another new flavour "Spicy Sichuan Beef" in my local store, 30% less sodium.

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      A random elderly woman offered me a $10

      I dunno that seems like more like a reason to regularly buy them, not rarely :P

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        Only If you feel your dignity is worth only about $10.

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          I think you're on the wrong website.

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    How insistent the poster is about the beef being beef is making me suspicious.

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      Copied pasted from Woolworth website, so don't shoot the messenger haha.

  • These fill you up or you need to eat more than 1?

    • You can buy the larger sizes one from Asian groceries, will set you back 3.30 or so

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      Buy the elcheapo generic instant noodles from colesworth/Aldi 5 pack for $0.99.

      Use only the noodle in that to add to this :)

      • This man instant noodles

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        I just got that involuntary Ozbargain shiver down my spine. So thrifty it hurts…

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    Single use bowls are not good for the environment.

    • Humans breathing are not good for the environment. CO2 emissions.

  • The GOAT instant noodles

  • I went to woolies but the price said $4 so I hesitated thinking maybe the offer starts tomorrow. Now im at home with no noodles. RIP

    • Yeah the offer starts today.