NBN to Be Available Apr-Jun 2020 in Western Sydney Rooty Hill


Every suburb around me has NBN except for us,, Rooty hill!! Aka Shaggers Ridge.
We got screwed probably because of the name!

I typed my addressed and you guessed it. It is going to be installed in Apr-June 2020!
Last time I checked it was Jan-Mar 2019!!

WTF NBN! National Betraying Numbskulls!

By the time it comes around 5G will probably be rolled out everywhere..

I just bought a TP-Link 4g/LTE Router so I can use my sim.

Doing my speedtests on 4G I get around 20 MB/s download and higher upload speed which I can't complain about. (Night times around 100mbs).

I am currently paying 59.99/month with TPG for unlimited download and getting on average 7mbs. Lately below 5 !!

What options can someone suggest?

BTW I tried to get Telstra to have cable line made available for me but they wouldn't budge!

I Fbooked my local member yesterday about putting pressure on the NBN Co. to push up the dates and still haven't heard from him. His residence just got NBN connected last week. He got his wish!


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    Atleast you have an RSL

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    I can appreciate your frustration given that we were promised the NBN would be completed by 2016.

    I am currently paying 59.99/month with TPG for unlimited download and getting on average 7mbs. Letely below 5 !!

    7 Mbps. Luxury! We get 2.5 Mbps on a good day with a tailwind. Then again, there are those that can't even get ADSL :(


    My current estimate is Jan-Mar 2020 and HFC :(


    what do you mean you contacted telstra to make "cable available"?


      I spoke with their sales team and they said they have to put in a request with some departments about whether they can install the cable line in my street. Of course they came back and said "Not possible". Unless they wanted to save face when i told them that I didn't want to switch to their ADSL2+ deal. Not a chance of getting a better download speeds. Who knows?!! All this has done my head in.


        Do understand the cost of installing this cable line.

        Its probably going to be thousands.

        At $100 a month that wouldnt pay for this for 10 years at least. With the NBN arriving next year where's the value for Telstra?

        Sorry not being unsympathetic as I know it sucks, just trying to explain why


        Oh I get you. Cable infrastructure is available in the street but not at your actual premises. I'm guessing you either live in a unit/flat out a sub-divided block?

        Telstra used to do commercial quotes to get cable infrastructure hauled to individual premises but with NBN, Telstra stopped doing it


    Madge - unfortunately in all rollouts someone is going to be last.

    Of course that's no consolation….

    btw my MinL who thankfully isnt computer savvy also gets her rollout Apr-Jun 2020 as well and its no where near Shaggers Ridge

    Heres a map of Sydney with who's got it, whos getting it and who's still to go


    just zoom out


    In the same boat. What I don't understand is they put down the cable in my street in March 2019, then got a letter 3 months after saying they would start to install box from June 2019 in my neighborhood, and expect to finish in Dec 2019. On NBN's website, my address is listed to be available from April to June 2020. It seems unreasonable to me.


    All about crunching as many numbers possible.

    My area was completed late last year/ early this year. A friend about 200m away has NBN.

    My address = next year also.


    Why ?

    When construction partners of NBN take on work for an area they literally report daily of what exactly has been completed. NBN and the construction partner ( bums that stay in the office ) agree on unrealistic target dates and don't care for excuses in civil delays or weather (you tell me if you'd work outside all day in winter winds and rain…).

    This then, in turn, leads to turning over a area as 'complete' leaving the partial areas that couldn't be completed in time to be done in the 'next phase' i call it.

    Didn't hear from me :P


    Hey, the Sydney North Shore is expected to be only a couple of months ahead of you. I'm still on ADSL+.


    I feel you mate! I know it was about somewhere from Aug-Dec 2019 at first when I checked it about 2 mos. ago I reckon. Now its Apr-Jun 2020. I wont expect from them anymore.

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