10+ wired ear buds better than complete trash quality

I keep losing or giving away my wired ear buds to family and friends and my bag needs the space for my wireless headphones when I'm not using them so looking for a good bulk solution to keep in my room so I basically have an "unlimited supply" of earphones.

Trying to find something really cheap but not extremely bad quality.

Realistically need about 5 for now but will probably get 10+ just so I don't need to buy this again ever in future so recommend anything above like really flimsy low quality aliexpress earphones you can personally recommend for just general usage don't even need a mic.



    Headroom MS16s are pretty good and cheap. You can find numerous reviews online.


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    Tell your friends and family to stop leeching off you and buy their own?

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    If you want something really durable


    Use them 30+ hrs a week and they seem to last me at least a year


      Cool I will keep an eye out on this.

      Looks like they have been around $26 AUD before so might drop even further in future.

      How do you find the quality and strength of the cable?

      One thing I like is cables that are nylon braided and heavy duty durable so i know they will never break or at least not for a long time.


        I have a lot of background noise while listening, but they seem great for podcasts and music. Better than typical budget earphones, though i haven't tried any other higher end earphones to compare.

        The cables aren't braided, so not sure how abrasive resistant they are, but they're very thick and survive a ton of yanking around. After moving to these, I've either had (only…) one or two sets fail over the past 3-5 years, and it was always from the remote/pause clicker on the wire being the weakpoint. Going through a few wash cycles didn't help longevity, with those failures.

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    You could also save up for 10 or more full stops.


    You need to get into your head (not in a bad way!) that what we consider 'cheap' in Australia doesn't mean headphones are bad quality. Just need to find the right supplier.

    What I usually do is surf Aliexpress and find out the most popular ones, usually a great way to determine whether an item is good quality or not. Then I look for the cheapest supplier to a point.

    I'd suggest buying a few and then selling them to your friends for $10? Or just get some REALLY dodgy $2 pairs so when a friend borrows them once, they'll never ask again :) But yes, $10 or so seems to be the sweet spot for price/quality

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      Nice input yeah I might do that and see what is popular or heavily reviewed/praised.

      I don't like giving people crap all the time I mix it up and try to at least be decent more than half the time but yeah if it is somebody who keeps annoying me then they get the cheapo $2 to $3 break in few weeks earphones that sound like 2001.

      I might buy a couple variety of some then see which is best for the price then give the inferior ones away to friends and family or whoever wants one then bulk buy the winner.


        Ignore what I said :) I just looked… I'd just throw in anything in the headphone category that is wired that is $2-3!

        Some huge sale amounts there and no doubt a quality product anyway. The average retail markup between factory gate and the consumer in Australia is 1000% :)

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    I recommend looking through each and every review on this website:


    I got myself an UiiSii HM7 about two years ago. They are a bit hard to find but they sound really good for the price you are paying.

    Find a review of a set that matches the kind of sound signature that you like, and go for it.

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    Why are you such a "soft touch" and expected to buy/supply headphones to anyone that asks? What is stopping them from buying themselves a $2 earphone if they lose or misplace their own?

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      I have this thing where I like to give charity sometimes not all the time but I feel like generous karma begets more generous karma so it is not so much I am forced to do this but I want to and anyways I need a bulk stash for emergencies and they double as good simple gifts sometimes.

      And usually if you have ever met someone who asks you for lots of stuff it is either an ignore or just comply scenario so I like to be prepared you never know sometimes they repay back the favour and your $10 investment might net you more.

      There is some shaky logic to it all but basically I hate being the cheap ass / stingy / unreliable guy all the time.. it is nice to be the provider and relied upon sometimes.

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