Tamaykim LED bulb?

Has anyone bought a Tamaykim LED bulb? They are from Amazon.

Are they reliable? Is there a danger in buying a bulb from a company I have never heard of?

The specs of the bulb fit my purposes and I can’t find another that does, but am hesitant to buy. Thank you



    Yea you can have issues, The main issues would be tint and CRI some cheap bulbs are low CRI. The quality of the electronics used inside the bulb may be subpar. Will this subpar circuitry cause visible PWM? Will the LED in the bulb have sufficient cooling or will they die from overheating?

    What specs do you need?


      Ok thank you!
      I was hoping for a filament LED with 1000lm +, or a 'fancy looking' (e.g. white housing, but large and round) LED with 1000lm +. Most of the others I can find are 800lm.


        I would stay away this style bulb. Not ideal in most situations unless its purely for decoration. They are limited to output for a reason because they have no heat sinking plus they have no way to be cooled by free flowing air.
        These style bulbs live shorts life due to heat.
        Osram and Phillips both offer these bulbs in high output option but they will defiantly dim and lose output when hot.

        If you want a setup like this to last use these as a decoration and place proper lighting above them.

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