expired [Amazon Prime] Corsair HS70 Wireless Gaming Headset $105.60 Delivered @ Amazon Australia


Black version for $95 via Amazon US if you want to wait a few extra days, credit to djkelly69.

If you're comfortable with the minor sound leakage, this is much better deal than the Void Pro Wireless. Not as good as the Flight or Arctis deals, but still very solid. Again, no Xbox compatibility with simultaneous audio and voice via wireless.


EDIT: was under the impression these are semi-open back: they are not!

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    Interested to know why you say they are semi-open rather than closed? I can't see it noted in the description. Also my son has the HS60s and I haven't noticed any sound leakage at all when in the same room. EDIT: - Now changed in OP.

    For anyone not sold on this colour, the all-black/carbon version is available on Amazon AU via US for $95.27, or direct from AU for $122. Both Prime Day deals AFAIK.


      Yeah I'd confused the product a little… cheers for the black option!

      The leakage is a few decibels higher than the competition, likely due to the enclosure design compared to the Flight and the Arctis, and it seems to affect the treble as well.


    I have one. Very nice.


    Should i be getting this or the hyperx cloud flight? It seems like the hs70 is more expensive in jbhifi compared to the hyperx cloud flight which confuses me


      JB are reacting to these prices, so they probably haven't noticed the HS70 price drop, or can't go with it.

      If you're happy to wait a few days (it's an expedited international order), just go with the the Amazon one, as these charge via USB so there's no issue with local standards.

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