Vodafone TV + Amazon Prime Video

Hey OzB,

I was wondering if anyone else has been able to get Prime Video on to their Vodafone TV since last week when Google and Amazon finally stopped having their hissy fits and allowed each other's apps on each other's devices.

It doesn't seem to be appearing in the Google Play store on the Vodafone TV yet, and I'm not a fan of sideloading apps that require me to use my log in details to use them.

Any advice or guidance?

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  • You can Chromecast from the smartphone app now. So there is that.
    I have a nexus tv running Oreo and it has not showed up on there yet, but I get it on my Sony tv that is also running Oreo. But it was always available on the Sony tv.

  • I have sideloaded the Prime Video app and it works fine most of time time. Occasionally I notice an issue with lip sync.

  • i had it sideloaded, but it appeared on my Play Store today… might be rolling out to devices slowly or smtg

  • Yes! One remote to rule them all!

    Edit: Reply to above.

  • Thanks everyone! Guess I'll just wait my turn for it to show up in the Play store. Or bite the bullet and sideload it

  • Why hasn't it come on the store yet? And anyway, how's the best way to side load right now??

  • Has anyone successfully loaded via the play store? Can someone please share a good apk.
    I tried few that worked on nvidia/xiaomi but for me it didnot work smoothly. kept on lagging.

  • I'm still waiting for Amazon Prime Video, but am getting real sick of waiting for it.
    Kind of wishing I never got a Vodafone TV now.

    I wanted one player to play everything, and yet when will Amazon Prime app come to this?

  • Anyone know how to e-mail Vodafone TV staff?

  • Is Amazon Prime ever coming to Vodafone TV?