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[Amazon Prime] SanDisk 256GB Ultra Dual Drive USB Type-C $53.77 Delivered @ Amazon US via AU


Hey all, was looking for more things to buy last night and fell asleep before posting this one.

The 128GB is also a good deal at $31.04

This looks to be the cheapest of it's kind historically, but I'll let the community weigh in on it.

Since my Laptop is USB A & C, but my colleagues MBP's only have USB C this is a great option for transferring files.

Here's the specs, not the absolute fastest, but reasonably quick!

Up to 150 MB/s
USB Type-C and USB Type-A connectors
USB 3.1 (Gen 1)

Edit Also has the Sandisk Memory Zone app accessibility which seems to be pretty cool. Looking forward to testing it when it arrives :D

Edit #2 Furthermore from the photos it does have the keychain loop attachment at the bottom for those of us nerds who keep these attached to our keys.

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  • Good luck with the orders!

    I'm only totally using it for photos and videos off my mobile, and the odd power point and excel file.


  • Msy has it for $68 http://www.msy.com.au/Parts/PARTS.pdf if you don't want to join prime

  • Not eligible for the $10 credit though. Don't think I'll get to use it. You'd think they'd make it a bit easier to waste some money on stuff we don't need.

  • I've bought a few of these. They're great for transferring between devices with only USB-C ports (cough Apple) and everyone else, as well as it fits nicely into some newer cars which only have USB-C ports for media without any USB-A!


    Extreme or nothing thanks

  • Shame my stupid surface book dun have typec ports

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      I believe this flash drive also has a USB-A connector so you can still use it for your Surface Book :)

      • It would be quite dumb to buy it as there are many faster USB's for only USB-A. But its a great product for future proofing I guess?

        • Yes, this is ideal for those with a USB-C only device (ie Apple or some Android phones) on which you would mostly use this stick, and want to occasionally transfer between it and a device with a USB-A legacy port.

  • Cheers OP . Got x 2

    • I feel it might be a bit personal to ask what kind of USB ports Optimus Prime has…But what ports would you think the leader of the autobots might have?

  • Mine just arrived. Just wondering if anyone else is seeming terrible performance? Write speeds is under 20Mb/s with lots of small files and with large over 1G files

    Read speeds are fine at 150Mb/s but the write speeds are unusable.

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