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[Amazon Prime] Werewords $14.39 Delivered @ Amazon US via AU


Nominee for the 2019 Game of the Year by Spiel des Jahres! I have been waiting for a sale and this is almost half price, don't forget cash rewards.

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This is part of Amazon Prime Day sale for 2019

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  • Thanks - copy on the way 👍🏻

  • Woohoo another board game to add to the collection!

  • The name got me, ask questions later. Has anyone here actually played this to get real human feedback?

    • have played this with friends before, i'd say the enjoyment definitely relies heavily on the group of people. It also seems to prefer larger groups.

    • this game is pretty fun with ~6 people and a game is pretty quick like 10 minutes max.

    • Yes, have played it. Bought another copy to gift.

      Game is a little like 20 questions. The 'Mayor' nows a secret word to lift the curse on the village - others are guessing 20 questions-style. In the usual werewolf/mafia style, the werewolves are trying to sabotage, and a seer trying to help. A German Spiel des Jahres nominee (winner annonced next week), considered one of the best easy-to-play games of the last year.

      Also, app-driven to choose secret word - also allows you to create own word lists.

  • I love this game!

  • Was $11.10 5-10 Sep

  • Isn't this just a deck of cards with role names? The actual game is run by their free app.

    • You can use your own words if you want, don't have to use the app

    • Ultimately, yes you could substitute for the cards and tokens in the box. But at this price I'd recommend buying against a home made version - you get nice components, copy of the rules and a compact box to carry it. Also, you're contributing to the designer and publisher making more games.

  • good game i liked this one.
    a lot more fun than the other 'mafia' style games imo

  • Damn, 4-10 players, don't have enough friends.

  • $14.39 SHIPPED (with Prime).

    Nice find. It had been at that price during Prime Day, then disappeared before I could order. Got this one.

  • Thanks got it. I watched a video, seems decent and easy to understand. Needs a large group of players.

    The game is just cards and tokens. The game is driven by an app

    • I've found it plays fine with 4. More allows you to introduce some of the Werewolf roles.

      • A lot of these types of Games that I have played (Secret Hitler, The Resistance etc) are easy to learn with a smaller group (4-6), but get more complex and more fun with more players, depending of course on whether you are adding competent players who get the concept. A lot have rules that you can't do with fewer players, or the distribution of roles is a bit off with too few.

  • Any reason to go with this over One Ultimate Night Werewolf that's also on sale as part of the prime day promos?

    • They're two different games although some of the mechanics are the same. This one has you guessing words and trying to see which group member is trying to delude the rest (or help them too much) and the other is about catching people out in a lie in their actions (logically or mannerisms) during the night phase. Watch a quick YouTube "how to play" and you'll see.

  • Just received my delivery today. However I didn’t receive Werewords. Instead I received some game called ‘Not alone’ . anyone else receive the wrong product?