LG B8 OLED TV Vertical Banding Issue/ Whites are not white

So I bought the LG OLED B8 55” TV from a recent deal. It’s less than 30 days old and probably done about 100 hours so far. Recently I noticed a slight vertical band towards the right side of the screen, noticeable in grey screens (visible when prime app is starting up) barely noticeable but it's there. When Googled, it seems this is very common with OLEDs. Anyone else seeing this with your recent purchase?
I did run a manual pixel refresher once, and I think the band has slightly faded or rather have moved a little.

I would say you wouldn’t notice it unless you look for it. I first noticed while watching stranger things as it got a lot of dark scenes. Irony is this is a replacement TV I bought after returning the Samsung Q60 QLED due to clouding and bleeding. And now this.

UPDATE: So I took some pictures of banding. As you can see it's very minor, and it's not as bad for the naked eye. I can barely notice it. I think this is common for OLEDs (according to rtings as well)and should be ignored.

However, doing all these tests I saw how the whites are not really white. Pictures attached under different lighting conditions. It's not that bad to the naked eye. But is this normal? the Bluish shade on whites? OLEDs boast about blacks being real black but what about the whites?




    My six month old LG C8 developed a problem.
    It would have been a nightmare to take the TV back to the store, so I took it up with LG.

    LG's warranty process was a bit repetitive, but was great overall.

    Warranty online - submit receipt/picture of fault
    Phone call from LG - email receipt/picture of fault .. again
    1st Tech site visit - copy of receipt/took his own picture of the fault
    2nd Tech site visit - replaced screen

    • Did they replace the panel or give you a new TV?


        The tech replaced the panel on my floor and reset the hours to zero.

    • I heard it's more like winning a lottery with these panels. And the new panel could be even worse than the old one. The line is very subtle though. So maybe I should just keep it rather than fixing it or getting a replacement.

      • I have two oled TV, LG and Sony, for few years now.

        Yes it is a common issue and cannot be avoided.

        First LG has vertical band and very bad red tint, I waited for one year and requested to be replaced. New screen is much more better.

        Sony has less obvious vertical band, but still red tint. So the white will looks like blue and red and not even.

        Checked store demos and it's the same. Seems hard to avoid.

        Live with it or request a replacement if you cannot.

  • Sad to hear OP. I have had no problems with my C9 it has been abused with use every day and its been rock solid.

  • Would you take a pic of the grey screen (in a dark room)? If it is the "vertical banding" issue where there are multiple blurry vertical bands that run from the top of the screen to the bottom, then that is normal for OLED's. The vertical bands were there on the screen since new. Vertical bands were one of the disappointing parts of OLED that I was not aware of until after I bought one. In other words, the screen uniformity is not uniform.

    Yes, LED tv's have clouding issues. I too owned a Samsung prior to the OLED. You can't win but neither issue are annoying enough to jump up and down about.


    Like skid said, it's the norm for OLED.

    I was surprised by it when I got my 65" B6 a few years ago - and did some reading around online and saw that my issue was actually really subtle compared to others, so decided to just live with it.

    I do note that on HDR content, the effect disappears. After re-wiring my AVR/BR setup, I forgot to turn on Deep Colour on the new HDMI port I was using, and watched a 4K disc - and in dark scenes, really noticed the banding. I checked Deep Colour, re-watched those scenes, and couldn't spot the issue any further.

    If I were in the market for a new TV now, I'd still go OLED, even with this issue being known. Seems there is no "perfect" TV and everything has a compromise somewhere - this is a compromise I can live with.

  • Is this vertical band like a faint line about 1cm from the right edge? If it is then it might be adhesive on panel, nothing you can do because that's how they are built.

  • Try play a movie that has deep black level and see if its dissapear, usually netflix main logo is good enough, when you first boot up netflix see if the banding is there, if its not there then I won't stress about it since thats when you can tell the tv will produce the same level of black if you play the right movie.

  • Can you post a picture?

    • I've been trying to take a pic, but not really noticeable on the camera. I think it has faded away even more which is great. But gonna watch some more dark content to see if I will notice this again.

  • Is the vertical band next to the O in "prime video"? It's pretty subtle but quite wide.

    The blu-ish white is a setting that you can adjust on the TV. The one which has C10 - W10 settings.

    Can't tell from the pic, but does the blu-ish tint cover the whole screen, and not just at the bottom?

    • You reckon the vertical line is an issue worth worrying about?

      Bluish tint is just at the bottom of the screen.

      • I wouldn't worry about the vertical line. It can barely be seen.

        The bluish tint however… do you watch programs with an orangey, reddish or yellow info bar at the bottom?

        • Not at all, I saw this since I owned the TV so it's definitely not caused by what I have been watching.

          • @findthatbargain: If you notice discoloration under general viewing, I think this might be grounds for a return. How long have you had the TV for? Screen uniformity improves after the first 100 hours or so of screen time.

            • @skid: Can't see it under general viewing at all, only noticeable if I run a full white screen. had the TV for just over a month. It's not as bad as on the picture btw. I googled and seems like everyone has a bluish/pinkish tint on whites.

  • This is how the SALES and BARGAINS work … one gets replaced, returned , repaired low grade, ex display timer reset panels which develop issues …. Pretty common issue this one… Don't mount LG oled tvs, the panel would either crack or develop some vertical banding fault.. i can share pic of mine (A GREAT DEAL ONLINE I FOUND :D , had 0 timer on it) which looks like garbage on white background now … sorry to break it to you … its gets worse from here…