If You Had $30,000 to Invest in 3 ASX Shares, Which 3 Would You Buy? (2019-2020 Financial Year Edition)

original discussion from house2015 but this time with some new parameters and taking into account the looming risk of Australia's economic downturn.

I am currently looking to invest $30,000 in ASX listed shares. Investing frame is 7 years from today.

$10,000 each

Here are my own top picks:


What’s yours?

Please remember: investment term is no lesser than 7 years

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    Invest it all in CSL

    I would waitn for the next big drop which shouldn't be to far away


      So, I just looked up A2m as it was recommended quite a few times by the commenters here.

      From the date of this post until now (~37 days), it has fallen by 15%.

      If OP had invested $30k, he would have been $4500 worse off by now. :O

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    if you believe an economic crash is coming, i'd consider gold or crypto. they will go up if shit hits the fan, then you can take your profits and move the funds to shares, which inevitably pick up after a crash.

    however if you just want to put money somewhere for 7 years and forget about it, i would go with VDHG (Vanguard Diversified High Growth Index Fund). it is similar to a high growth option for superannuation, so you are quite diversified.


      How do you go with investing VDHG? Do you need to contact them or do it from commsec and anz etrade?


        Hi Arctan,

        It depends on what you want.

        You could buy the ETF VDHG via any online broker such as the two mentioned, or Self-Wealth. It has the lowest MER that way. If you only plan to add more to it 1-4 times a year then the ETF might be the best option, particularly if you use a low cost broker like Self-Wealth.

        Or you could buy into the Retail Fund version direct with Vanguard. The MER is more than 3 times higher than the ETF version, for balances of less than $50k. But you can set routine instalments via B-Pay at whatever interval you choose, or just frequent one-off payments. And there is no brokerage charge. There is a buy/sell spread to consider, though.

        Might be worth reading some PDSs and doing some math to work out which is best for you. Odds are the ETF.

        With over $100k you can buy into the wholesale managed fund version, and the MER is only 0.02% higher than the ETF version. So the math is less compelling and it becomes more about preferences than expenses.

        A M


    S32 - undervalued currently

    And for a high risk speculative stock RGI and YOJ


      S32 is the only suggestion I've seen on this page that looks worth studying and considering IMO.

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    Gold miners like RSG or something.

    Definitely not TLS I don't see anything bright in their future at all lol.

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    anacott steel

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    Put 50% in the blue chips - Trans-Atlantic Zeppelin, Amalgamated Spats, Congreves Inflammable Powders, US Hay. Then throw the rest into that up-and-coming Baltimore Opera Hat Company.

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    If strictly 7+ years.

    Off the top of my head.


    This is not financial advice do your own DD/DYOR!

    I'd like to come back to this in 7 years to see how these picks fared.




    i had a couple of ideas until i read "no lesser than 7 years"

    ..i'm just here to see everyone's response but my first thoughts are on




    Am I doing it right?


      Lol. I bought xrp at .08. Took a heap out when it peaked. Still holding a bit.


        Damn, I bought in at about $1.20 when it was on the way up… got to $4 and it started dropping. Hold and hold… and it free fell to under what I paid for it. Bought some more at $0.50, but it struggles to get over 45¢ these days. Oh well, only spent $300 on playing with crypto, so not a big loss.


          I thought Monero would have risen a lot when they started tracing bitcoin but not as much as I thought. I bought some at $70.


        Same, sold at about $2 from memory though. Lol at all the hodlers


    Note: I'm not up to date with ASX stockmarket.

    Alumina might be worth considering but havent looked into it's books.

    TLS seems too risky with not strong outlook in longterm for telecommunications sector.

    I just buy the best of banks with high dividend usually, so NAB, WBC, BOQ (@ 8.50 maybe). But governments appear to be trying to kill off (or weaken) the financial sector to me, so beware if it is the reserve banks and governments intention.

    I have sold all shares in the last month, same as 2007, as I anticipate a decent crash in months or years to come.


      Crash in Aus or GFC? If the former would you invest in something like VGS?

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        Mainly western stockmarkets, us, aus, england, eur etc and lesser for asia, russ, 3rd world etc. That's similar to GFC of 12 years ago.

        VGS would be the same. I guess gold would rise.

        NOT that we should take each others opinion too seriously, but I feel it's good to share our more serious thoughts to gauge our choices better.

        Anyway, if I reenter ASX this year it will be after min 10% dip and in asx200 reliable dividend stocks.

        Frankly housing looks better. Lower priced SOR Perth is approaching 50% loss since I think 2000ish. That's a fullsize block, 3 bdr old houses in say Kwinana area from $150k. I just don't like chasing tennants and all the maintenance involved.

        I wish it was simple, but main thing is looow risk for me, while the world seems a mess. Cheers.


          I have sold all shares in the last month, same as 2007, as I anticipate a decent crash in months or years to come.

          I just don't like chasing tennants and all the maintenance involved.

          So all is left is online savigs accounts and term deposits. About 2% return before tax…


    JIN, MP1, AD8, NAN, CAN, FXL