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Bowden's Own Wheely Clean 2x 500ml for $30 @ Repco


Great price for a quality Australian made and owned wheel cleaner. Price will be adjusted once you add 2 or more to your cart.

P.S. This stuff smells quite strong as it reacts with the iron in the brake dust though according to Bowden's, and I quote, "it no longer smells like arse".

From Repco's product page:

  • No acids, not corrosive or caustic and pH balanced
  • Safe on all wheel types including clear coated, polished alloy, chromed, painted, steel, carbon, anodised, billet, magnesium, matte finish, and even plastic
    dipped/coated wheels
  • Epic for high performance and European cars with heavy brake dust issues
  • Quick to use. Just spray on, quickly scrub and then hose off (pressure washer is strongly advised)

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    I tried putting this on my motorbike but I got two tyred.

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    I though it said "Broden's own"


    Would brake clean work?


      NOOOOOOOO…that would strip the paint off your wheels.


      Kind of, but not really at all a similar product.
      Brake cleaner is for cleaning brake and engine parts. Its similar to a degreaser amd can 100% damage paint eventually.
      Wheely clean is a a wheel cleaner - it has a chemical in it that reacts with brake dust to break it down. I use a car wash after using wheely clean, as the wheely clean dissolves the brake dust, and the car wash to help wash it all away.

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    I grabbed a bottle of this earlier this week. My car produces a lot of brake dust. This stuff works really well.
    Spray it on and wash it off. If there’s some dust left, spray it on and scrub it. It’ll come up like new.

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      That's right this cleans brake dust like a charm. Just make sure you don't let it spray on your Tyres or else they will be stained permanently.

      Simply put tyre shine on first and then spray this thing that way it won't stain the tyres.


        I also noticed this tyre phenomenon. Strange as AutoGlym Magma which works in a similar way doesn't leave such a stain (and also happens to work better anyway).

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    Thanks OP..Good deal.
    Also, take an extra 20% off by showing your NRMA or any state breakdown
    service membership card.

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      Club discounts don't apply to already discounted items.

      Great price and as much as I like Bowden's products, I just can't bring myself to like Wheely Clean, it always seems to leave some sort of film on my wheels which doesn't come off without a scrub. Have much better results with other de-ironizing agents out there like Nextzett Colortec, Purple Rain or Gyeon Q2M. They're also generally cheaper at full price.

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    In case if anyone is interested - I recently bought Trade Direct Mag Wheel Cleaner Bottle - 5L - from supercheap with free shipping, it works well for me.

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      No no no… Stay well clear of hydrofluoric acid wheel cleaners. They should be used as a last resort. I understand you have recommended it because it works well but I would rather wash my hands with glyphosate than get hydrofluoric acid on my skin.

      Hydrofluoric acid are super coarse and corrosive. I would be curious to know its PH. It will destroy the finish to aluminium wheels. If you do use it than take necessary precautions. Gloves, mask, googles etc.

      Pros: its acid it will clean and strip grime very quickly
      Cons: your short and long term health

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    I bought 20L of this in bulk and ending up almost giving 18L of it away. Probably the worst iron decontamination cleaner I have used. What are Bowdens putting ammonia in detailing products for? This stuff is loaded with it. Want something that is more effective and not loaded with ammonia? Try NV Purge (NV was formerly branded Concours). NV is also an Australian owned company. Want the Rolls Royce of non-acid wheel cleaner then look at Scholl Concepts Rim 7 Gel. While NV and Scholls both have a higher price point, you will use less of it, get better results and therefore cheaper in the long run.

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      +1 for Purge. Amazing Stuff, love it. I've yet to try the SC Rim 7 ( I love other Scholl product), I'll have to grab some when my Purge is out.

      I used to use the Bowdens Wheely clean but found I was using so much more of the product to get the same results and discovered the NV range of gear.

      BTW, in true OzBargain spirit if you don't mind buying in bulk this is a great deal for 4 ltrs of Purge and a fantastic Kwazar sprayer to use it with:

      Works out to be about $22.50 per litre for the Purge! Bargain :)

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        Some of those starter kits they have/still have are awesome. I'm getting low on Purge and have been watching that very kit. I have wanted to test those Kwazar spray bottles for ages now. Great to see them locally available after many years


          Love the Kwazar units, and was glad to see them when they hit Australia. My father brought me a couple from the US a while back and they became my main sprayers, they are fantastic and well worth the outlay. I think I have 8 or 10 now, and I just received the 2L Venus Foam unit that I'm going to try out this weekend.


      Thanks for the review. Is NV Purge only available from

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    I'm a carpro iron x user generally but if you wish to get a retail product from the typical retailers I think the megs ultimate wheel cleaner product is one of the best offerings & with the discount of 30% off the megs range this will be discounted down to $18 for 710ml (wheely clean is 500ml and is $15 ea with this 2 x 1 deal) that I seen on a Repco (?) focused ad on Facebook this morning.

    Note link doesnt have sale price offered just yet..