PS4 PRO 4K Issues - Lagging / Glitching

Hi Guys

I just upgraded to a PS4 PRO, first off it wouldn't recognise my Hisense 4K TV as being 4K…. I went on youtube and found a back door via safe mode menu. All set up ok with HDMI 1.4 even though I have HDMI 2.0 port. Everything "seemed" to be working fine.

I started playing Fifa 19 and noticed when the ball is is in the air moving, its a bit stuttery….. annoying.

Tried turning boost mode off… tried changing the RGB to Full / Limited… its still happening and bugging the hell out of me. Tried 1080p it works fine.

Has anyone experienced similar issues ? Maybe the back door I used has something to do with it or I am using the wrong HDMI port.

My TV is Hisense 55k321UW 4K



    Could be bad batch. The fact the it doesn't recognize HiSense 4K TV as being 4K is sufficient for a "not as described" or "not fit for purposes" return.

    Swap for a new one I think


      yes, i might have to return…. not a happy bunny… ive managed to get 4k but its only running on HDMI 1.4 which then decreases frame rate to 30fps which is shite…. dont expect this from a company like sony… after googling it.. its a HUGE issue for everyone.


    Are you using the HDMI cable that came with the PS4Pro? If not, I'd suggest swapping the cable first.


      Yep the 1 in the box.

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        Not sure if this helps HiSense Roku TV

        Your TV:~

        HDMI Input
        60 Hz (640×480, 800×600, 1024×768)
        60 Hz (480 I, 480 P, 720 P, 1080 I, 1080 P)
        50 Hz (576 I, 576 P, 720 P, 1080 I, 1080 P)
        24 Hz 30 Hz (3840×2160 HDMI 1,2)
        24 Hz 30 Hz 50 Hz 60 Hz (3840×2160 HDMI 3,4) >PLUG TO THIS HDMI PORT

        I never own a Hisense b4 but from my Sony TV experiences the cheaper TV has 4:4:4 4K 60hz ports on specific HDMI ports and the more expensive models have them all in the HDMIs'

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    I don't have the same Hisense tv mine is a 65n7 but I had the same issue with my PS4 Pro and it was a setting on the TV, I'm not home atm but it was something like HDMI 2.0 mode and had to change it to enhanced or something like that so maybe have a look through your settings menus.


      Yeah ive seen that online, maybe my tv is slightly older as it doesnt have that menu setting… no firmware update either. Thanks anyway tho.


    Not sure what the fix is, but HDMI 1.4 only supports 4K at 24fps (ie movies only) iirc, so that’s why you’re having issues with lag.

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