Budget Laptop (Budget $500)

Hi Fellow Ozbargainers
I am looking to find a laptop for $500 or less with ok specs for general use. I would like at least 4gb of Ram but not overly stressed on the storage and it needs to run Windows 10. Thanks in advance…


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    Don't waste your money. With that budget you will be frustrated in a month with the speed problems.

    Rather buy a better second hand Surface and Laptop from gumtree etc.

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    Unless you're only going to use the laptop for light browsing and word processing, 4 GB of RAM is not going to suffice for most people.

    'General use' is not a very meaningful term so it would help if you outlined your use case in more detail. For me, 'general use' includes 15+ browser tabs, Spotify in the background, writing/compiling/running code and occasionally connecting to a remote machine.


    I like my Acer Aspire - mine has 8GB RAM though
    search for online reviews…


    This is more of a warning Do Not get a Lenovo yoga (screen flips "360") worst decision I ever made it shocks me all the time Lenovo refused to fix it as did office works even under warranty. I brought it for $300ish last year cause that's all I had at the time and it was needed for school i regret buying to this day. Happy I'm getting one I actually want now

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