Xiaomi Mi A3 - What's Your Opinion?

I was looking forward to replacing my Xiaomi 3S Prime with the A3, and the rumours about the specs were quite promising.
I can live with the 720P screen, and lack of CPU upgrade from the A2, and I appreciate the enormous updates in the camera, 3.5mm jack, screen fingerprint reader, but the lack of NFC is making me think twice about getting one.
If anything, I'm kind of leaning towards an A2 - save myself $100.

Was anyone else keen on getting the A3? Keen to hear your thoughts.


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    I was hoping for something with band 28, NFC and a good camera. No NFC is really disappointing. Also, I've used phones with 720p and 1080p and the difference is noticeable to me. Luckily I'm not looking to upgrade right now, so maybe there will be an A3 Pro or similar to come out. Just my 2c.

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    Terrible value. 720p should never see the light of day. Also the 665 could be even slower than the old 660 which even itself is heck of an old processor at this point.


      You need to consider that AMOLED panel is better and more expensive than IPS panel. If they would make this phone with 1080p within this price point it must be using IPS not AMOLED.

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    A bit disappointed to be honest but Android One is always great.
    It is still a good value phone for it's price range.
    I would pay a little more for the Mi 9T or even for the excellent Mi 9


      Yes! Android One is a huge draw card.
      I wouldn't mind a Pocophone F1 ($360) or the Mi 9T but the choosy beggar in me only wants a phone that's less than 72mm wide - anymore more is too big for me.

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    Good review of the A3 - I guess Xiaomi put their hopes and dreams into the flagship camera.


    Basically ticks most of the boxes for me, but that 720p screen…ouch.

    Hopefully there's an A3 Pro or similar. There's this, which looks promising:

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    If anyone's following, I ended up buying a Sharp Aquos C10 for $196 on Aliexpress (the China version is called an S2 which runs a MIUI looking version of Android with no app drawer - C10 runs a near stock Android OS with an app drawer).

    I know it doesn't really compete with the A3 in that the C10 has a weaker processor, dual cameras only, smaller battery and IPS LCD instead of OLED, but justified the purchase as it's nearly half the price, I get a better screen resolution, NFC, a capacitive fingerprint reader (not a fan of inscreen), reviews of the camera quality are positive despite being dual cams only, and although battery capacity is a lot less (2700mah vs 4030mah), reviews on battery life have also been positive.

    Fingers crossed it's a good phone!


      Sharp Aquos C10 (S2) is a good phone but if you (or anyone else) waited it might have been possible to get the Mi 9T from Xiaomi instead.

      Better battery, a better chip (not flagship material but better than the one in Mi A3), better camera and it has AMOLED display. Also got a headphone jack too. I think prices will decrease as soon as Xiaomi introduces Mi 9T Pro (which has a better chip and better fast charging than the 9T) so i could see the 9T go around to $200-300 around December-January.

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