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I have noticed you can buy Boost mobile vouchers (they each come with SIMs) at Colesworth. I am going to change to the $150 plan soon from Optus. I was wondering if I could buy 3 $50 vouchers and get the $150 yearly plan. Or if I get a $50 voucher, I have to get the $50 plan?

And also, when should I port if my contract with Optus expires on the 1st of August to avoid a double charge?

Just wanted someone to clarify

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    ask the voucher question at the boost comunity page

    start the porting 5 days before the optus expiry


    Why not just buy one $150 voucher from the checkout at Coles?


      I haven’t seen them at my local ones, usually up to $50. Maybe they keep them behind the counter? I’ll take a look

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        You just ask the checkout assistant for them and they put it through on the register, it will print out a voucher code on your receipt dynamically after payment.

        You can also do it yourself on the self checkout


    If you can't find the 150 starter pack, you can also get the 2 dollar sim and recharge via the Boost app.

    When I activate the 10 dollar sim I got for free, it automatically sign me up to the 7 days plan.

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