Pirelli Tyres - Gift with Purchase of 4 Tyres (Have You Received Your Voucher/Product Yet?)

Hey OzBargainers,

Did anyone take advantage of this Pirelli promo and if so, have you received your gift voucher/chosen products?

It's been months and the company handling the promotion have been a pain to deal with. I chose the $300 Harvey Norman credit towards selected items but was contacted to advise they had run out of the item I had chosen. I could either choose a higher ticket option which I'd need to pay the difference, or accept an offer of a Nespresso coffee machine and refund of postage fees. I reluctantly chose the coffee machine (which I really didn't want or need), but that hasn't arrived either and the promo company haven't responded to my questions or issued a refund for postage.

What course of action do I have to get this resolved? Fair Trading? Complain to Pirelli themselves, bikies?


  • It's hard to understand how you can "run out" of store credit.

    Basically you've got stung here. Whether or not you can do anything about it will come down to the terms and conditions of the promotion, how accommodating relevant people are, and how much time and noise you want to dedicate to the issue.

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    Contact Pirelli. It's their promotion. The events company is just their sub-contractor.

    I'd also tell them the coffee machine is no good to you and you want the original offer. If it was a 4 for 3 offer then saying "we've run out of 4th tyres" wouldn't be acceptable.

    It's bad enough that you have to live with Pirellis that get noisy and lose grip once worn beyond 50%.

    Pirelli Tyres Australia Pty Ltd
    Level 10, 37 York Street, Sydney, NSW 2000 GPO Box 327 Sydney, NSW 2001
    tel.:+61 (02) 9988 6000
    fax:+61 (02) 9988 6060

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      For any queries,please contact us on [email protected]¬†or on 1800 815 004, Lines open Monday to Friday 9.30am to 5.00pm AEST excluding public holidays in NSW.

  • Oh shit. I just had their Scorpion Verde tyres.

    Are you serious they're losing grip after 50%? I was toying between this and Dueller HL400

    • Yes. I've had a lot to do with them (car club and in the trade). They were really good tyres pre-2000, now they are just average which is why they can be had quite cheap for a "premium brand".

      THey are still better than LingLongs, etc so if you have them, live with them.

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    This was such a dodgy promotion! I almost got sucked in but I'm glad I read the fine print and went with Michelins instead.

    If I have a store voucher, I expect to be able to put the value of that voucher towards any product in that store.

    This particular "store voucher" can only be spent on a few pre-chosen and overpriced items (supposedly) from that store. There was also a limited number of each item! Who comes up with this shit?

    I wish they'd get pulled up by ACCC or whoever has the balls to stick it to them!

  • Going by the comments on the Pirelli FB post it is indeed a very dodgy promotion run by clowns.

  • Bloody dodgy bastards! On the bright side, I got my tyres for a great price and had good experience with their P7 tyres previously, but still… I want what was originally advertised! I'll contact Pirelli themselves and see what they can do