Using VPN on Hisense smart TVs

I recently purchased a Hisense P8 65" TV and I want know if I am able to use a VPN to access content from other regions because well we don't get access to much around here!

I mainly use it with my Xbox one x and by the very little research I've done, it seems like using a DNS through ExpresaVPN is the best bet but there's mixed reviews about it.

I want to know what's the best and easiest way to get it done.


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    You can often put a vpn on your wifi router or your modem, provided your VPN provider supports the open VPN standard, which I believe they usually do.

    • It's free (aside from the VPN subscription)

    • It'll VPN all of your traffic, not just the Hisense. You might be able to create a second wifi network just for the TV (this is easy on every wifi router I've used) and only apply the VPN to that (I don't know if this is possible).

    A more networking savvy person might know another way to cordon off the TV traffic to a VPN.

    You'll also have to figure out how to change your VPN out server so that you can select your preferred country. I'm not sure how easy that would be in this setup.

    • What's the best VPN service to do this in your experience?

      • OpenVPN is a standard set of protocols for VPN and most providers will support it. give you a free trial, I think two weeks, so you can see if it is working. I hear they are one of the few that play nice with Netflix also. I use, they don't play nice with Netflix but I have a VPN so i don't need netflix…

        You'll need a pretty flash router to do this, or one you can flash with Tomato or DD-WRT firmwares which is fairly technical. Googling your router model along with "Tomato" or "DD-Wrt" will give you a idea if it possible.

        But then, after all that, it will be kinda slow, I got a Netgear r7000, its kinda old but arguable a "high end" router and I couldn't get speeds over 10 mbit.

        The squid proxy method I mentioned below will be the easiest for you to try, and that will let you know if it is going to work at all. If it doesn't no point messing around with (and potentially breaking) your router.

  • If you just wanna test it works, get the VPN running on a PC and then install squid proxy or another proxy and set your TV to need a http address and set it as the IP of your PC.

    On Linux I found tiny proxy works pretty well