expired Fengmi Cinema 4K Projector $3299, Mijia 4K Laser Projector Chinese Version $3099 Delivered @ BargainDingo


Hi guys,

Just putting our popular projectors on sale.

Mijia 4K $2999
Fengmi Cinema 4K $3299

We also putting a trial sale for ALR-FNE 100" screen for $1500* This is Fresnel Hard Projection Screen specially for UST projectors to use in ambient light room.
*The shipment time is around 4 weeks for the screen, delivery free for Sydney, other area please contact us to confirm shipping cost.

As usual, GST included, Paypal accepted, Local stock.

Any questions please feel free to ask.

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Bargain Dingo



    What is the difference between the two models? Just Android OS (Smart)?

    One says Brightness: 1700 ANSI lumens (Smart)
    Other says Brightness: 5000 lumens

    Which is correct? I am assuming ANSI lumens vs (inflated) lumens? So same brightness?

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    Sorry op but I have a $10 limit when buying products from brands I don’t know using technology I’ve never seen and sold by a website I’ve never heard of.

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      No worries, now you know us. See you next time :p


      Do you have a physical store?

      Where to contact for warranty claims etc?


        Sorry we are online only business so we don't have a physical store but we can arrange pick-up in North Sydney.
        For the warranty claim, we provide 1 year warranty for all the sales. Simply contact us on our website and we can arrange it.

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    What's with the stupid comments in this post? JV i understand but the others?
    The Mijia Projector is great, I have the 2k version and gaming/movies on it is awesome. The versatility of UST projectors basically eliminates all the barriers to entry with projectors. No expensive bulbs to maintain, no mounting on to a wall or finding a position for it, no expensive wiring. Just place it 20cm against the wall and you have a huge 150inch picture. Now if only ALR screens would come down in price…

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    Xiaomi Mijia 4K Laser Projector Review


    Same guy seems to own www.nothingbutlabel.com/

    Neither website has any social media presence, and the listed address on his other website is just a house, but still… considering you can buy them straight off Alibaba for about $2600 after conversion fees and GST/import duty, and giving them complete benefit of the doubt, it's possibly legit.

    I'm personally putting it in the "no way you're not getting my credit card number" basket.

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      Yes, that is our new website as well. Mainly for overseas customers.
      We only accept Paypal so we don't have your credit card number.


    Hi, is the Mijia the same as the Xiaomi Mijia?

    How much is shipping of one of the screens to Melbourne 3205?

    50cm for 150" off the wall is a lot. Question: does the quality of the image reduce as you drag the unit away from the wall from 100" image to 150" image?



      Seems this new model can do up to 200" (vs 150" before)


      Yes, it is Xiaomi Mijia.
      The shipping cost is $150. Another thing to consider is if your property has enough access clearance for the package?
      The package of the screen is 2400x1350x85(mm) so it is huge package.
      Yes, surely the quality would reduce for bigger image (less brightness, larger pixel distance) but since you are more likely to sit further behind. Probably not very noticable.

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    I can vouch for the Fengmi Cinema 4K projector, own one personally. Have power on/off button compare to the XiaoMi version. Colour is good, 4k video/picture quality is good. Coming from a TV owner, noisier than what I've expected, but friend own a projector say is acceptable, much quieter than his Dell.

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    I just received mine today, and can say I'm absolutely impressed.

    I'm projecting mine on a wall at the moment, and at night with the lights off it's great.

    Lights off

    Lights on


    I know this is completely off topic, but after seeing Eric's lounge wall photo's, it has inspired me to want to update my lounge wall to something similar. Did you built this yourself Eric as it is very nice? PM me if you prefer.

    Anyone know what the type of fire in the pictures is and where to buy/cost; and do they require 1)a flue 2)professional installation?
    Is the shelf and ceiling bulk-head just a timber frame & gyproc affair and could they be easily added to an existing flat wall?
    Does anyone have any shelf dimensions that are typically used eg, height off floor, timber sizes, fixing used, shelf/ bulkhead dimensions and frame design, etc. TIA

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