Knog Light Pop Ii Front $5.00 (82% off) & More + Delivery ($0 with $99 Spend) @ Wiggle Australia


…noticed that a bunch of Knog lights are going super cheap on wiggle. All of the below are 'be-seen' lights bar the Rider 450L which could be a good little light for commuting. Nice variety of funky colours/designs.

Price may vary depending on colour selected & shipping fees vary according to product

Knog Light Pop Ii Front AU$5.00 Save 82%
Knog Light Pop R Rear AU$5.00 Save 74%
Knog Light Pop I Front AU$5.00 Save 74%
Knog Light Blinder Mini Dot Front AU$14.00 Save 64%
Knog Light Blinder Mini Dot Rear AU$14.00 Save 64%
Knog PWR Rider 450L AU$35.00 Save 61%

…more discounted Knog lights

Note: the shipping fee sucks… It seems to have increased recently? But it is free on orders over $99 and is pretty quick.

I recommend ordering stuff from Wiggle/CRC when you know you are purchasing a few items to save on shipping costs.

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    Standard Tracked Delivery: Estimated Delivery within 7 working days – AU$14.21

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      …some of the other products listed are as little as AU$8.21 so it seems to vary on product size


        Ah Mr Franco, that was delivery for your featured front light.

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          …true. as i said it seems every lights has a different shipping fee. wiggle never used to do this…its not my fault. things used to be so much simpler before :D

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            @franco cozzo: It's a great price for a rechargeable light.

            I imagined you posting this Deal with lighting from these😀

            Not your fault - It's the retailers complex system😉

            Wanted an idea of shipping cost before getting too interested.

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        Yeah these guys and chain reaction cycles have the same messed up delivery pricing structure! Though they are one and the same i guess.
        Example i wanted a small backpack from chain reaction that was 80% off only to find out they were quoting £60.49 postage for a £10 bag, go same brand but much larger backpack and the postage quote was now £8.99 !!

        Their reply to my query-
        "Due to an increase in worldwide shipping costs, we have been forced to review our tariffs for the delivery of goods. As always, passing savings onto our customers is important to us and this is something we have kept in mind when conducting this review.

        Postage costs are now worked out using both the value of the order along with the volumetric weight of the parcel. The best way to work out shipping fees is to put everything you wish to purchase into your basket and go to the checkout stage. At the checkout stage we will show all the options available to you and the costs related to these."

        The last sentence certainly didn't apply when i tried it !

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    What an awesome deal, and I’m very tempted.but I’ve had a shocking experience with wiggle and can’t use them again on principle. The medium length story is i ordered $1100 worth of gear - website. I’ve used them before and completely forgot they ship from uk so knew I dudded myself over likely duty / customs fees.

    Normal OS delivery from them about 2 weeks- at a month I follow up- they apologise, another month still no delivery and I say I don’t need the product anymore. I get told it seems it’s in aus, but not sure why not delivered - they would check and receive it back to provide me a refund.

    Another month nothing, follow up, no reply, another 2 weeks approx no reply, another 2 weeks approx- I’m like just give me a refund.
    They then say- we appreciate your persistence, but as 3 months has elapsed there is nothing more we can do. I’m like wtf??? No reply initially but after multiple follow ups and that’s the same response of we can’t do any more is stuck to! In the end we after looking up consumer law - my wife said check with MasterCard. The did a charge back which I didn’t even know could happen. Phew!!!!

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      Did you pay for parcel tracking?
      Sounds like your item over $1000 was stuck in Aus at customs so not the retailers fault.
      Since the introduction last July of overseas GST, the duration for standard delivery have definitely increased.


        It had tracking- stopped when it hit the country. It probably did get caught in customs. Perhaps they didn’t have necessary paperwork? I’m pretty sure they had ability to get it back somehow. Consumer law in aus and uk says until it’s in buyers position, it’s the responsibility of the seller


      I ordered a pair of ultra boosts and 3 days after they just cancelled my order. Sorry we sold out.


    Check out the reviews on some of these lights as they have very poor reviews. Problems with randomly turning off and not getting the advertised battery life.

    PS regarding the delivery costs, years ago I use to use when they use to deliver to Australia. Brought loads of stuff some under $10 and all was free shipping!! Shame they dont ship to Australia any more.

    The best site these days in cycledeal, over $20 free shipping that is quite reasonable.


    What would be the best front/rear combo to go on a kids bike?

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    I picked up a whole stack of these when they were on sale at rebel sport. Work great and pretty good value at this price.

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    Very good prices I may have a look later.

    I have been shopping with wiggle/CRC for 7-8 years and only occasional issues (item not in stock or missed parts) which were solved really quickly and professionally. Prob 5-10 orders a year. Average shipping time from UK to Melbourne Metro area were always around 4-8 days.

    They pay GST so no hold up at customs.


    Yeah the shipping kills it.
    Can anyone recommend decent lights set for under $15.


    I own a set of Knog lights (bought them from Catch) and they are extremely good. The front blinder arc light stop working within the warranty period and Knog sent me a replacement (didn't even have to send the old light back).

    For those interested in getting these lights they are best for being seen rather than seeing. My knog light is 640 lumens which is a bit overkill but I wouldn't recommend anything less than 400-450 lumens if you intend to use the lights to see dark paths.

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