Best Mobile Prepaid Plans in 2019

Hello Guys !

Am thinking of signing up to a new prepaid mobile plan . I currently use around 5-10gb per month and don't really care about minutes/texts.
Was hoping to get your feedback on which Prepaid Mobile Plans I should be signing up to.

I've heard Boost and Aldi are pretty good, but that news could have been outdated since early 2019
Appreciate your feedback guys



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    kogan maybe


    I'm with Boost and have no issues with it (around 3 years now). You can grab the $20 plan (5GB) or $30 (20GB). Telstra-owned.

    They also offer refurbished phones, so you might find a great deal there, too.

    My area has terrible reception if you're on anything other than Telstra/reseller.


      Meant to add— how to get 30 days instead of 28: if you grab a SIM at the shops & recharge online, tick to save your details.

      On the mobile, #111# and choose "recharge" (I know, it makes no sense whatsoever). You'll then be able to choose to automatically recharge each month.


      We got a Boost prepaid SIM for $15 rather than 30, they sometimes do deals.


    Kogan (voda) & Catch Connect have 90 day / 3 month deals for appx $15 ($5 mth), unlimited calls and texts & large data quotas. Catch Connect quota is 54gb.
    Boost seems to be the best value if you want to pay a year in advance.

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    Have a look and report back with your findings.


    Boost is great.

    There may be cheaper Voda/Optus options but Boost is pretty much Telstra. Data speeds, call quality, reception are all excellent.