Best way to maintain my new spa?

I just purchased an inflatable spa with the eBay 20% promotion (Bestway brand) and looking for the best way to maintain it (I have no real idea how)

I've seen this suggested although I'm wondering how long it lasts and if its an expensive solution or not

Any ideas on what else I need to get? I'm guessing I need test strips.

I've seen people mentioning to shock the water, but I'm not sure if I need to or not.

Also if anyone has any tips on cheap filters, that would be great.



    I find the filtration system on these to be too basic to keep your water clean with regular use (and I've been using these for about 10 years now).

    So my advice: Use some combined bromine and chlorine tablets in the floater, and don't bother with anything else (testing, etc)

    Wash the filters every few uses, and when the water starts to look cloudy, just change it. It's only ~700L anyway (depending on the model).