Is Low to Middle Income Earner Offset Automatically Calculated?

I'm trying to figure out how much I will get back from ATO (if any) and i'm using this calculator

on Page 2 - it says to add "Tax Offsets"

Does that mean I have to add the "Low to Middle Income Earner" offset - or that's automatically accounted for?


  • Look at the summary of your e-tax. Pretty sure it is added automatically.

    Just load everything into e-tax first if you haven't already.

    • FYI it's called "MyTax" now.

      Just to help people avoid confusion with the online accountant (not free, not government) called etax.


    has a column that shows an estimated LMITO for the 2018/19 FY

    seems close to what ATO say I'll get.

  • That calculator does include the $1,080 tax offset.

    Note that it does not automatically calculate the medicare levy, and you need to enter this manually for it to be included.