Resolving Amex travel credit deduction issue?

Back in March I tried to my online travel credit to book accommodation through the Amex travel portal.
The booking was successful however it charged the card instead of deducting the travel credit. Not sure why, considering I ticked the box.

I tried to resolve it with the online chat, but they said I had to call. So I called Amex (Platinum card number), they acknowledged it, and said they could resolve it. Now, it was a public holiday (Friday) when I called so they said I had to wait until the next Monday. I said fine, please get it done. I flew out that weekend to go overseas for a few weeks including staying at the Amex booked accommodation.

2 weeks ago I log in to use more travel credits and see the travel credit is still there!! It had not been resolved as Amex had promised. I call again and they said they can't reverse the charge and deduct my travel credit as it's already past the booking date. They said it could only be done if they had been notified of it before the accommodation stay date.

They're essentially calling me a liar because they have no record of me calling or requesting them to 'fix' the travel credit deduction. I've waited another week for them to go back and find their phone recordings (said it takes 3 working days) and they said they'd call back if they find something. 6 working days and still no callback.

I can screenshot the call date/time on my phone but other than that I have no recording of the conversation. Any thoughts on how I can pursue this further or try and get Amex to fix the problem?

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    I can screenshot the call date/time on my phone but other than that I have no recording of the conversation.

    I'd do that, and then send them an email too so you have more of a papertrail. But this is weird, usually AMEX is pretty good with customer service, I feel like someone in their office is going to get reamed out for this oversight.

    As to how, they have an online chat service (which will have transcripts if you need them later):

    And social media (depressingly) gets pretty good results too: Facebook/Twitter the usual ones:

    Edit: Just be careful not to post any personally identifiable information in public social media, only case references if you have one.


    Every call to amex is recorded, absolutely.

    They're lying if they say its not

    Even if you call, identify yourself and say nothing its recorded as well

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    Don't you usually press Apply Travel Credit and it reduces the amount before you pay?
    There has never been a box to tick on the occasions I have used it.

    Usually AMEX are really good to deal with though in regard to fixing things.


    Persist, escalate to a manager/ supervisor. They will pass you off, stick to your guns. Call back to someone else again etc. You should get the result you want. They changed the date of my credit expiry, and tried to deny it. I missed the expiry, even though it had been the old date for 3 years prior to that. Eventually got my way.


    Was there a $ difference between the purchase price and your travel credit value?

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    Make a formal complaint, get a complaint reference number, tell them one last time to get it fixed for you in 1 business day and call you back when done. If no call , next thing is to make an offical complaint to Australian Financial Complaint Authority, consider job done.