Xiaomi Vs Blueair Air Purifier

Hi guys, we live 200m from a major highway (M3) in Melbourne and we have two kids under 4. Bit concerned about the air quality. Don't mind investing in something better if worth it. The house is pretty airtight and we ventilate the house a bit early in the morning when the highway is quiet.

We are looking at a couple of Xiaomi and Blueair 680i as we need to cover our living area and kitchen which is about 60sqm. Any thoughts which one will be more suited for us? IQair is prabably overkill?



  • I've got no experience w/ air purifiers but if I were to get one for myself, it'd be this - https://www.ausclimate.com.au/products/air-purifiers/range

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    If leaning in direction of buying one of the Xiaomi models, something for you to read - especially for various good detail there in the comments.

    Something also to read, about Xiaomi. Risky to link on OzBargain, but this is certainly a quiet thread :)

    The only thing in app permissions changed since then, of importance? One slight change enforced by the play store on developers. Still a trap for the hapless.

    You certainly wouldn't want to be hapless in Hong Kong at the moment - for anything China-server related.

    Anyway, enjoy cleaner air when you achieve that! :)

    • Very old articles. I can't speak for the first one but the second one has been said many times that it's outdated now.

      You can leave the purifier at your set speed without it switching back to auto mode now, it even has the 2018 update noted at the bottom of the article.

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        Hi there.
        Second article, if one of ones linked in first, the one you are referring to, not linked because variously expanded upon in the first. As you are maybe indicating - otherwise, no.

        OP can make of all as sees fit, may already have bought a purifier, breathing easier, a good result.

        Bianca has and by at least some reports is, ok! :)