OzBargain Referrals Page. How Do You Go?

Interested in peoples experiences adding their various referral codes to their Referral page on OzBargain.

For me, some have been very reliable, such as Vinomofo and Deliveroo.

But for others, AirTasker, Beam Wallet, Beem It, Liven… I've never received a single credit despite my code being clicked/shown over 30 times???

Just wondering if there is an explanation for this, or do people randomly harvest codes for no particular purpose? (Or I've just been unlucky!)


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    I've gotten some hits like Cashrewards, Shopback, NAB Signature CC, BeemIT, Red Energy.

    Most have been duds even with clicks.

    Free money though not complaining.

    If I had to guess it's probably just some bots scraping links (eg. search engines) and they're not smart enough and end up scraping all the way to the referral.

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    I used to get a fair few for Deliveroo. One of the referrals ended up with me winning the referral contest - scored myself $500 worth of Deliveroo credit.


    I have had 2 cashrewards and they haven't shopped within the timeframe. Pretty sweet ;) Im not even sure I bothered updating it this time


    lots of Deliveroo credit, found out the hard way it ends up expiring


    I remember the old days, where the person sum biting had there referral displayed as a choice.

    So choose OP referral link or random.

    I can imagine some power users prob have a ton of phone credit for amaysim.

    Prob $40 -50 all up.