Wait for a 2020 build or get it delivered in November?

Hey guys,

I'm on the hunt for a new Corolla Hybrid - nothing's appearing on the used/demo market so it looks like I have to buy new (even though it'll lose 40% in the first 3 years according to the stats :L).

I don't need the car urgently, we've still got an old car to use in the meantime but that instant gratification of getting it ASAP does feel good haha.

What do you guys reckon, get the car delivered in November or wait it out for a January 2020 build? What would you guys do? Cheers :)

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  • You said it yourself: "I don't need the car urgently"
    Getting a MY20 model will mean the sell value will be ever so slightly higher in the future.

  • Is there a reason you must have a corolla hybrid and not any other (imo better) cars out there?

    • if he/she's going for a corolla hybrid specifically then there aren't any better cars out there. If its just the regular corolla, then I'd argue the cerato has a bigger boot and the focus/golf handle better. But the corolla hybrid, esp in ZR trim, is the best if not the best in the small class overall imo.

      • Plus - and I like the Cerato a lot as a small car - the Corolla Hybrid absolutely kills it in fuel efficiency.

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    The 2020 build may not arrive before March 2020 and it will always be costlier than the 2019 model. So, u are essentially paying the better future resale value today.
    My advice would be to check in november/December time if there is any change in features in new 2020 model and that those are worth waiting or not. If not, negotiate on 2019 model. You might get a very good deal including services for 3-5 years etc.

  • Cheers guys, I love the new look of the Corolla! Looks very sharp - very un-toyota like lol.

    I thought the pricing would stay the same, wouldn't it?

    Car prices don't rise each year I don't think. I've checked and the November build will be the same as the 2020 build. I'm planning on keeping this car for 10+ years so not sure if resale will be important but admittedly it'd be nice to say a 2020 car instead of 2019 but then again, I also want it now haha.

    That's a good point about arrival date though! How long does it normally take a car to get delivered when built from factory?

    • I thought the pricing would stay the same, wouldn't it?

      I've been following the price of a Mazda 2 Genki hatch in WA, and it's gone up by nearly $3k in the last few months. No idea why, as there don't seem to be any obvious changes.

      • Dealer inflation of prices? Don't look at sticker value it's just an attempt at anchoring you to a higher price. Offer what you think it's worth (well, below this value) and work up from there.

      • I spoke to my dealer today about the November update for the Corolla and they want $1k more because it has more features even though no pricing has been released, here I was thinking that it'd stay the same price. :(

  • Wait until December and there will be a few ‘19 plated vehicles they can’t move because the ‘20 models will be coming out. Get on them then. Hefty saving to be had on last years plated vehicles…

    • Yeah, that'd be the plan except the model I'm looking at has a 3 month wait and demo/new in stock cars are getting snatched up fast.

      The only thing that I'm hesitant about placing an order so early to secure stock is what if the price goes down next year instead? I know what a good price to pay is now, but will the price still be great at the end of the year or will be a better deal coming out later? Then again, the price could go up like the others have said too? So many variables haha.

      • I own a Corolla Hybrid and bought a ‘18 plated ‘19MY car and saved heaps. I would seriously wait until the end of the year. As it gets closer to ‘20, and the market is a little more saturated, there will be deals to be had. And if it goes up or down in price, you aren’t going to be looking at $5,000 price difference on a car this size. More like $500 either way…

        They only thing I can say to all the would-be Corolla owners is, check out the boot space. Or should I say “lack there of”. It’s a serious letdown on what is otherwise a sensational vehicle.

        Seriously though, (fropanity) the Corolla Hybrid boot space…

      • There's a wait because it's a relatively new model. The queue will drop eventually and there will be slightly better deals to be done as the early adopters get their instant gratification.

        • There's a wait due to the hybrid battery shortage. New Corolla has been out for a year.

          New hybrid Camry has been out over 18 months, still has a 3-4 month wait due to the battery shortage.

          The wait till these become abundant is likely to be another 12 months, and then it comes down to how much 12 months waiting is worth to you.

          • @Spackbace: Yeah, this is the thing. There's nothing appearing on the used market for the ZR model (besides sellers pricing it higher than what you can get a new car for) and I've spoken to dealers and they said they're holding onto their demonstrators as it'll be hard to replace them so I doubt there will be demo's for sale.

            Maybe they'll get rid of them once the ZR update launches in November? I've only spotted one or two dealers with demo's in the state though when scanning the TMCA website haha.

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    Which variant? Updates are coming to the SX and ZR later in the year which will be the ones to go for. Added safety, 2-tone paint and elec drivers seat on the ZR. Unsure if RRP will change.

    As said, the previous years models have been cleared but only in the region of $2k or so, so will depend on your level of negotiation.

    A January build will arrive in February.

    Oh and the sedan comes out at the end of the year.

    • Yeah, the ZR. When do you think the latest would be that I could order one for a January build?

      The CH-R hybrid also comes out end of the year - decisions, decisions!

      • I'd say order around September-October depending on the colour config you're chasing

        Yeah certainly might be worth sizing up the CHR hybrid but only if they update the stereo system. The Corolla one will have the option for Carplay/AA next year (paid update).

    • Two tone paint is nice! Any word on CP and AA?
      Edit* just saw your comment.

      That's good news!

  • How much to rent one until then?

  • If you are already waiting for 6 months, what is another 6-12months to wait for a demo/used model.

    Why the rush to pay so much extra for new (40% in your words) when you aren’t rushing.

  • Slam and overclock :D

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