Vodafone TV won't play back Media Files.

I bought the Vodafone TV a week ago to play back some YouTube videos and backups of my DVDs.

I plugged a USB drive into but it won't display any of the files on the drive.

How do I get the media player to list the files and play them back.

P.S. I'm a complete beginner.


  • Does any other hard drives work on the media player? If you plug it into a computer, does it recognise the hard drive? What format is the files in (.mkv, .AVI, .ts etc)?

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    Install VLC from the Play Store

    • Why was this negged? It's what I had to do.

      Not sure if the box even plays files natively.

      Any third party video player like Plex or VLC is better than Androids default player (if the VTV even has one)

  • Yes, it recognizes the other drives I've tried.

    The files are MP4s.

    Silly question perhaps, but how do I obtain and install VLC from the Play Store (where is the Play Store)?

    Thanks for all your suggestions.

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      The Play store is in the menu system of the Vodafone TV.
      Its where you get apps to install to the Vodafone TV, It's the same as installing an app on your phone or Tablet.

  • Thanks Scubacoles — I'll have a go at installing VLC when I get home tonight.

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    What format is this hard drive in?

    I find I have the same problem with my Sony Bravia TV until I re-format the hard drive to MS-DOS (FAT32) then it works fine.

    • ^THIS could well be a major issue that OP needs to resolve first.

  • JTTheMan: I'll find out tonight.


    • Just remember to offload the files to a safe spot before reformatting so you don't lose them

  • USB might be wrong

    Sometimes the devices have issues with usb 3.0 in ntfs format so try older style usbs

  • Qwerty: all my USBs are old ones.

    Tonight I find out…

  • wonder why only 1 usb - cost, surely not? surely 2 would have been better, provides options.
    i.e. one for the drive you wish to record too, another to plug n play anything you wish.
    USB hub??

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