expired [PC] Fallout 4, $10.11 AUD (78%) off @ Humble Store


Historical low. Unfortunately Humble doesn't sell the GOTY Bundle, and the Season Pass on Humble costs almost as much as the GOTY does on Steam at the moment ($20 vs $22 AUD).

My price has maximum discounts factored in for Humble Bundle, which means nothing to charity + extra 10% Humble Monthly discount. You'll also get 4.5% cashback for your next Humble Store purchase.

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    Wish this was the vr version


    Good price, I'm not sure if it still runs like shit but even when it did on launch I really enjoyed it. Never finished it (never even got to the main city lol) but I put 56 hours into it and fell in love with the world they built


    I put 20 hours into this game until it kept crashing. It might have something to do with integrated graphics on a below spec laptop. There are proof of concept videos on youtube running the game below spec but there is no guarantee it will be a stable and enjoyable experience.

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    On sale on Steam as well for $11.23 here

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    If you want to build settlements better to buy game of the year edition as it includes more unlocked items to build which is cheaper elsewhere.


    used to buy it from instant gaming

    they still have it here - standard version - A$ 10.52

    or GOTY edition A$ 19.45

    or VR A$ 27.94


    Great price considering the upcoming Fallout:Miami mod. I thought Fallout 4 was a lot of fun to play - maybe not quite as atmospheric as Fallout 3 but still great fun. I enjoyed the settlement-building component, though I do wish it could have been more integrated into the game mechanic.


      Just looked up that Fallout: Miami mod and while it looks fantastic for what it is the age of the engine is definitely showing. Bethesda really needs to invest in a new engine as the tech they use for Fallout 4/76 just looks absolutely garbage by todays modern standards. The animations are all so clunky, the graphical fidelity is poor, and the gameplay has the same old glitches as Oblivion/Skyrim.