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[Hoyts Rewards] Free Popcorn Refills @ Hoyts


Not sure if it’s been posted before but some changes to Hoyts loyalty program that is now offering free popcorn refills.

Members with an active and valid membership are entitled to receive free popcorn refills on the same day as a popcorn is purchased, either as part of a combo or as a standalone item and when a valid membership card (physical or digital) has been scanned as part of the original purchase and the same card is scanned as part of the free refill. To receive this benefit, the original empty popcorn container must be returned to a HOYTS crew member at the candy bar point of sale and the member must a request the popcorn refill. The same membership card used in the original purchase must be used. HOYTS will replace the empty popcorn container with a full one of a similar or same size. Promotional containers are retained by the member and a standard popcorn container will be provided as the vessel for the popcorn refill. Refills will be supplied in a standard container of same / similar size and this container will need to be used for any additional refills on that day. Members will not be supplied with another promotional container as part of this offer. Used popcorn containers must be returned to HOYTS Staff when this benefit is being redeemed. Popcorn refills are provided under the HOYTS Fair Go policy where HOYTS reserves the right in its sole discretion to refuse to refill a members popcorn where HOYTS believes the benefit / offer is being abused and / or the refills are not for personal use or are being unreasonably shared with other groups / people.

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  • Good find OP,
    However I am definitely not the one volunteering to get up in the middle of a movie to get a refill

  • Here's a thought to share with your ozbargain mates, bring some spare paper bags, buy one popcorn, fill up the paper bags and just before movie starts, get a refill. You could even fill them up after the movie.

  • Perfect could watch a few movies theatre surfing and stuff myself with popcorn for around $20 lol :)

  • Still waiting for a movie subscription service like AMC Stubs A-List.

    • There is one in America, you can see as many movies as you want. It works because when it comes down to it when you can see any movie you want, you tend not to go very often. It’s like being able to pirate anything but never being able to think of anything to watch. Meanwhile they keep taking $20 a month out of your bank account.

    • I was on the Sinemia deal for a while when it launched here. It was very good for a few months, like too good to be true but it kept working for months. Recently they hiked the price and it just wasn’t worth the hassle.

  • Yeah they are also making saver and super saver sessions pricing exclusive to hoyts rewards members. Dont know who the genius was that thought of that. Their reward program has gone to crap. Free ticket only last for 3 months and only from movie of the week. With most of those sessions being very limited to non existant. I go to my local village now. $15 tix every day with a free rewards program. $9 tix on mondays through racv. Plus I bought s popcorn ring at start of year that gives me $5 refills all year long.

    • Oh man tell me about it
      I was a loyal hoyts fanboy till their complete overhaul of the rewards system.
      I have close to $100 saved up in hoyts dollars from my many years but I don’t think I will renew my membership anymore.
      Now I just drive an extra 10_15 minutes to go village.
      Cinemas aren’t as good but I’m willing to sacrifice that.

      I think it’s because they went into partnership with qantas frequent flyer so they need to make up for the loss somehow

      • Yeah whilst the recliners were a nice touch they soon became a novelty for me, expecially at the expense of raised ticket prices and removal of cheap Tuesday. Im more than happy with standard seating at my local Village. Luckily its only a few years old so all in good condition. I think the expense came from the seating. Apparently they spent 200 Mill upgrading their seating across all cinemas. In this age where people have access to larger sized screens and a decent home theatre in your own space, raising prices isnt the way forward. I only go to see must see movies now and leave the rest for home. Though with there Monday RACV tix i may go and see a few more movies i typically wouldn't see.

        But yeah they do make it hard to spend those Hoyts dollars. Only on full priced tickets and only on standard items at the candy bar, so no promotion stuff as the exlcusive tins and cups. Whats the point.

    • Yep. Village rewards program is a million times better – I've actually gotten numerous free tickets out of it over the years. Also, they often randomly email me after a session with a free Choc Top and popcorn voucher loaded into my account.

      Not to mention, the price is right: free

      • Yeah ive gotten the same. Free ticket offers for the month and free chock tops. Only been going to my local for about 9 months and already have enough points for a full family combo. Also got a free choc top this month which i have to remember to go and get. The $5 refill popcorn tin was also a good thing they do. have already used mine a ton of times. And yes, the most important thing is the program is free.

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    LOL their terms and conditions are set up to avoid guys like this one from Extreme Cheapskates

  • Not sure how hoyts is still in business, everything is more expensive than Readings and Event cinema.

    • Here we mainly have them and village only. Lido and nova are quite far.

    • +21 votes

      Recliner seats. Game changer.

      • Is that only for gold or does regular have it to now? :o

        • At certain cinemas, regular has it. I think they are probably upgrading them all though. And to be honest, $14 tickets with Optus is fine for an experience which is better than Village's Gold Class.

      • Yeah chatswood has them all recliner and big screens.
        You really miss it when it's not there.
        I haven't been for ages though.
        Looking forward to seeing midsommar and one upon a time in Hollywood in comfort.

      • Readings in Epping had recliner seats as standard long before Hoyts rolled it out. I've been to hoyts Greensborough, Northlands & Maribyrnong all have recliner seating as standard.

      • Agree. As soon as these got put in, this made Hoyts my go to. Can get $12.50 tix from Village (Telstra Thanks) and Hoyts (Optus Perks) but with Hoyts being closer than Village, this also helps it win in my books. Only downside is the Hoyts Candy Bar is a huge rip off. Using RACV vouchers for a regular popcorn and drink, $7.10 for Village but still a crazy $12.79 at Hoyts! It's safe to say that most of the time, I go to Coles beforehand!

        • I get candy bar combos with Westpac rewards and it brings it down a bit, but you're absolutely right. Still ended up costing me almost $100 to see a movie with the family.

  • How would this work at self serve candy bars like the one at Eastland? Do you grab a fresh popcorn and show your empty bucket along with the freshie to the checkout person?

  • Meh, this is something that has been free in America since the movies were invented. Same goes with free drink refills. Popcorn is basically free anyway. Why does it always take forever for something so basic like to become the norm in Australia?

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      Why does it always take forever for something so basic like to become the norm in Australia?


  • Cheap HOYTS tickets:

    • Lumo Energy 2 for 1 Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Discounted tickets all other days.

    • AIA Vitality 50% off

    • Optus is $14 or something.

    • RACV sell discounted tickets. Not sure what the exact discount is though.

  • I used to have this option with a cinebuzz VIP membership at events and never used it haha could never be bothered to leave a movie mid way

  • How much do we have to pay for these free popcorn refills?

  • There goes the diet…

  • This is still a rip off, $20 for popcorn and a drink is crazy.

  • Hoyts is already a rip off with the prices of tickets. No amount of popcorn refills will change that.

  • Think I'd still rather go to either of the two (closer) nearby cinemas and pay about half of Hoyts' prices, and if I really wanted some shitty popcorn, I guess I could just buy some with the savings.

    Good deal if the only cinema near you is a Hoyts though.

  • Does this apply to LUX tickets where you get free popcorn and drink?

    • which lux do you get free popcorn and drink? no more in hoyts carousel Perth…it used to be..:-(

      • According to their website

        Complimentary soft drink and complimentary popcorn are not available at Hoyts Carousel, HOYTS Wetherill Park, HOYTS Tea Tree Plaza and HOYTS Green Hills.

      • available at melbourne central lux

  • Can Hoyts do a live stream of the OzBargain comments feed in Extreme Screen?
    I would buy a ticket + popcorn.

  • Watch your calories.

    Popcorn (large)
    478 calories
    Carbs 51g
    Fat 24g
    Protein 8g

    Popcorn (medium)
    369 calories
    Carbs 43g
    Fat 19g
    Protein 6g

    Popcorn (small)
    256 calories
    Carbs 35g
    Fat 11g
    Protein 4g

  • Refills on stale popcorn.. wooot!

  • grabs popcorn

  • does this also apply for bronze level rewards? ie the one that's free to join?

  • Used an app deal that had regular drink, regular popcorn and choc top for $16 and can confirm I was able to do the refill.