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[VIC] Western Digital My Passport 1TB White $59 (Pick-up Only) @Centercom (Officeworks Price Match $56.05)


Western Digital WD My Passport 1TB Portable Storage - White
No delivery (sold out online) pickup only, but sunshine had 3 in stock when I last checked.
Price matched at officeworks for $56.05

Note: Cant shuck these, I checked. And officeworks has 3tb seagate for $99 which is much better $perGB but for anyone who just wanted 1tb, this is the cheapest branded 1tb 2.5" external drive at the moment.

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    Hi - interested to know why you can't shuck these drives?


    is there any shuckable portable WD hdds ?

    would like WD, but seems like most of their portables are not shuckable


    Does a centrecom store need to be within a certain distance of the officeworks store to get a price match?


    What is the cheapest and largest possible $/TB portable hard drive these days that doesn't require external power and can just use the hard drive to pc as the power source?

    Don't wanna go back to USB flash drives as I know a portable hard drive is much better size wise for not much extra space in a back pack or even pocket in some instances but don't want to lug around an extra transformer or power cable just to keep it on and use it.


      You are better off paying a little more for a good drive then just getting a cheap one to save money. Will save you a lot of headaches later.

      I would also advise using two in case your main fails.. yes it does happen.

      Also important if the drive will be always powered/on. If so, look at NAS drives or similar.

      Hope that helps :)


        It's ok it's not mission critical stuff that will be going on the drive in fact it stuffing up might be a godsend.

        If I was looking for mission critical hardware I would probably stick to a top 10 drive but just want something at the very budget end just not something completely bad that looks like it just came from a diy or cheap assembly line.

        I know I can get $30/TB from a reliable brand but 8TB and needs external power so want something smaller and a little more portable.


          Probably the 3tb seagate one for $99 is the best value per gb.
          2tb cost about $80-$90 and 4tb costs $150+ and larger capacity and they start to increase in $perGB

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    Thanks OP. Scored one on my lunch break.


    Expired. Price in link is $75.

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