Electric Shaver < $40; between These 2, Which One Is Better?

I have zero knowledge about electric shaver, so please be kind in your reply:
* Remington F3800
* Remington Men's X-System Precision Shaver - R3151AU

The head is different, where one called foil and the other called rotary.

The objective is to shave beard and mustache.

I'm fairly sure both will do just well when used for short beard/mustache but i think what am looking for is the one that perform better when used for longer beard/mustache.

Having to use the normal razor, it does catch the longer hair if the razor isn't sharp enough hence the reason for asking.

Any input would be much appreciated. TIA !


  • You have/want a longer beard/moustache?

    Don't buy either of these. Buy a beard trimmer. https://www.shavershop.com.au/beard-trimmers/

    • as a matter of fact, i don't want to maintain a long beard/mustache. the objective is to keep it trimmed to a stubble look (because clean shave won't be possible with budget shaver).

      the reason I brought up longer beard/mustache: sometimes I don't always have time to keep it trimmed when they're shorter and it grew slightly to say 1 to 1.5 cm (this is my definition of long) and I want to shave it to stubble.

      with manual razor, sometimes it catches those 1 to 1.5 cm hair and i want to avoid that with any of those electric shaver hence the question whether I should be getting the F3800 or R3151AU.

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    Either - it's a personal preference. My preference is for foil shavers.

    Like zeggie says, you NEED to use a trimmer first to get it short, then the shaver to clean it up. Both of the shavers that you have listed have a pop-up trimmer.

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    As zeggie suggested, get a beard trimmer if you're wanting to maintain a beard for that stubble-look. There are some that allow you to get down to really fine amounts to keep that stubble look - I've used a VS Sassoon one for years - fully adjustable, cordless, and does a damn good job.

    The two shavers you have suggested are for a clean shave, not maintaining stubble. They are different mechanisms that work differently for different people based on how their beard grows. Some men find the foil type better - and you use it in a linear motion - where as others find the rotary type better, but you use it in a rotation-like motion.

    I struggle on my neck with any foil shavers - but much better success with rotary.

    I believe electric shavers will pull hair regardless of type. I went for a higher end Philips shaver, rotary, which had adjustable speed. The guys at the Shaver Shop advised that the speed is important - if you are trimming from a longer beard (i.e. a few days), you should use the slower speed to reduce the risk of pulling. Where as if it is a daily shave, higher speed can be fine.

    If I've been lazy and have it longer, I do use the beard trimmer on its shortest setting first, then my Philips - even with long stubble, I've never found any electric shaver that can actually do a neat job. But maybe that's just me.

    If you're unsure, head in to The Shaver Shop as I've found the team there to be really helpful to find the right product for what you want to do based on how your beard grows (i.e. density, thickness and around the neck area most importantly is direction).

  • Beard trimmer for stubble.