expired AWITW Music Bundle 7 on Groupees - US $3 (~AU $4.35) Minimum


Prolific French producer AWITW has a new music bundle on Groupees featuring his latest releases. He specialises in synthwave but also touches upon all forms of electronic music and 20% of your payment will be donated to Sea Shepherd.

As with past AWITW bundles in the highest tier is his previous bundle which includes everything he has released on Groupees to date over 70 releases which includes about 35 albums.

These are downloads not physical copies.

For $3 minimum you get:

Northern Tree (EP)
Advance (album)
The Danny Vee Theme (single)
Sunset Glow (EP)
Faith Kills - Ride Ahead (AWITW Edit) (single)

For $5 minimum you also get:

Natural History (album)
Arcade Summer (album)
Feel Me (EP)
Acid Paradise (EP)
Daydream (album)

For $7 minimum you also get:

AWITW Bundle 6

The first bonus has been unlocked once sales pass $1,500 you will also get:

Faith Kills (EP)

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