Can You Combine Amazon AU Orders if You Make Them within Minutes of Each Other?

Wondering if combining Amazon AU orders is possible if you desperately need to adjust the order such you can't do only cancel items so you make another order but it charges you delivery again with no option to combine orders?

Anyone else have this problem and found a solution or do you just have to treat each new order as a separate delivery with no ability to combine them if they are within a certain time period.

Seems like an interesting future feature they can implement to save on costs for both Amazon and the customer so win win.

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  • You can contact support and they may be able to do it. I assume you don't have Prime? FWIW I've had them ship different orders in the same box without me asking but I've never tried to actually have it done as I have Prime so makes no difference.

  • Just contact support chat. They're generally pretty good at helping with these things.

  • It was my assumption that they will automatically be combined.

    • This is correct, I've ordered items separately on the same night and they all got sent in the same box. I'd imagine that heaps of people with prime subscriptions do this as there's no delivery fee.

  • I am pretty sure they won't be able to do that. They might give you courtesy credit, for ones, but most of the time the wont. Just get prime membership and get all your orders shipped free and faster.

  • Yes, but they will charge extra $15.


    Only Amazon and the seller can help you with this. The longer you wait, the less chance you have.

  • Thanks yeah the got back to me after contacting support via email and they have waived the delivery fee on the second order.

    Sweet thanks all!

    • Thanks for this! Customer service rep initially asked me to cancel my previous order and do it again then I played this card and got my fee waived as well.

  • I am pretty sure in the past I ordered separate items close together and Amazon AU sent me a email asking if they could combine the orders, with a note like “the items may take slightly longer to arrive since both items will have the 2nd items you ordered’s delivery estimate date”. I think this may only be with both items “Fulfilled by Amazon AU” though.