Credit Card Concierge Service Use Cases?

So I’ve seen concierge services offered as part of various credit cards as a benefit.

However, has anyone actually used such a service? Any actual practical daily/weekly/monthly uses for such a service?

Are concierge services offered by one card better than another?


  • I used it once at the airport trying to book for accommodation in Singapore and I asked for best prices.

    This was done while I was about to board the plane to Singapore.

    Because of the haphazard nature of the situation, I couldn't ascertain if the booked accommodation cost was actually a good value for money but the concierge certainly tried to find us accommodation within a short time and they did in this case.

    You should see it more like a PA if you are short of time and money may not be an issue. I recall someone used to use that service organizing for a flower to be delivered to someone overseas.

    So in short, I think it has its benefit but I wouldn't use it everyday.

  • I tested visa concierge a couple of times. First time I ask them to book me a table at a restaurant, but they didn't get back to me until maybe 2-3days later. As the date was close to begin with, i was worried I wouldn't get a table in time, so I booked it myself. The day after, I finally got an email back asking if I had already book.

    Another time I asked for cheap car rentals for a camry in NZ. They only found prices for main companies like eurocar, who were pretty much double the prices of other companies like Apex.

    If price and detailed research is what you need, or something done quickly, you might as well do it yourself.

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    Any actual practical daily/weekly/monthly uses for such a service?

    Doesn't fall under this category, but I've used it for restaurant bookings overseas multiple times - especially where I don't speak the language

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