Choosing between 2018 Mazda CX-8 Sports & 2018 Toyota Kluger GX

Hi I’m currently looking to buy a 2018 Mazda Cx8 4x4 or 2018 Toyota Kluger 4x4,
But both have there positive and negatives when I test drives them.
Is there any mechanics or personal buyers that have experienced any flaws to either vehicle after driving it for awhile?

Fuel on the Kluger for I was getting 14-15l and Cx8 was around 8l
Resell value I’m quite certain the Kluger will have a better value
But in terms of maintenance, break down and reliability is my main concern.

Any oversights?

Thanks in advance


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    2018 Mazda Cx8 4x4 or 2018 Toyota Kluger 4x4,

    None of these are 4x4. They are at best AWD.


    What is your budget?

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    You don't need AWD.

    Do you even need a 7 seater?

    If not, your budget is new 2019 RAV4 territory… More spec, more safety, longer warranty, cheaper servicing.

    If you want to buy a Kluger then I'd recommend stretching to a 2019. Blind spot monitors and rear cross traffic, and depending on how early it was built in 2018 it wouldn't have radar cruise, emergency braking etc. The 2018 also had a 3yr warranty, new has 5+.

    I have a sneaking suspicion the Kluger will be on a bigger special from Thursday


    Are you driving predominantly stop start/short trips? Don’t get a diesel.

    Otherwise pick the one you like the most. by either shape, colour or features it will make little difference. IMO Mazda and Toyota have very similar reliability and resale value - but that will also depend on how long you own it.


      Most of my travels will be for school drop off in the morning and evening and then drive about 25km to work and back, in typical Melbourne peak roads, so yeah Springvale road, princess hwy , Monash freeway at around 7:30ish. Thus the diesel option to save fuel due to the Kluger being a 3.5l petrol… but worried about the dpf etc on the Mazda.

      I really love the drivers display inside of the Mazda, but don’t like the width of the cx8, the Kluger has a very ordinary display but spacious.

      So my pros and cons that is making me confused.
      Mazda Cx8. Pro: fuel consumption and better dashboard/technology inside.
      Cons; the width is the same as the cx5…it’s still a very tight fit for 2 car seats and someone sitting in the middle to feed the baby.

      Toyota: pros; spacious, new grill makes it look like a beast, Toyota reliability
      Cons: boring instrumental panel, heavy on fuel


        Those drives wouldn't be ideal with a diesel car with DPF.

        You'd be best suited to the 2020 hybrid Kluger, unfortunately that's maybe 12 months away

    Merged from How reliable is the 2018 Mazda CX-9 vs 2018 Toyota Kluger

    So im about to buy a 7 seater and damn, it’s so hard to choose between the 2. Kluger is amazing for being reliable, spacious and practical… but the cx9 is long, but amazing driver experience in terms of handling. Rear seat 2nd and 3rd… I found Kluger better even though the measurement are smaller compared to the cx9. Maybe due to the shape of the seats/head rest..

    Anyone know if the Mazda CX-9 motor is more reliable than the Kluger v6?
    Personally it comes down to that for me now.

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