Travelling to Morocco April 2020

Any sensible tips on must does,activities and great accommodations in Morocco,going to Casablanca,Fes,,Merzouga and Marrakech road trip.ty


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    Surely you already have some knowledge of what to see and do, otherwise why would you book to go.

    Unless you can clarify what you already know about, which might also allude to your interests etc., you will most likely just get responses that are either (a) already known to you, and/or (b) of no interest to you.

    Similarly with accommodation suggestions, do you have a budget, preferred locations, etc.?

  • Cancel your trip.

  • Lower your expectations on food immediately. The majority of their good quality food and produce is exported and what's left for local consumption isn't great at all. We tried everything from cheap local places to 5 star international hotels across multiple cities. Severely disappointed.

    I would absolutely rent a car to drive around in, lots of lovely drives and places to explore. Do NOT give the rental company your license or ID documentation to keep, they'll keep asking for it, you keep refusing and eventually they'll just say fine. There are plenty of people lingering around in the airport that will solicit you car rental or taxis, avoid them. Taxis in general will definitely rip you off too.

    I wouldn't recommend visiting the tanneries, although initially interesting, they stink badly and it's horrible on a warm day.

    Beaches and resorts are pretty good as you'd expect. Local markets are a delight but expect to be ripped off if you look like a tourist. Fresh orange juice carts are a must-do everytime you pass one. Book a package to get shown the Berber way of life with live cooking.

    Overall, not one of the best places I've visited but good luck and I'm sure you'll enjoy plenty of it.

    Oh and cats. Cats absolutely everywhere. They're really cute, really friendly and all are well fed but just want attention and strokes. Just be careful as they're wild so may harbour diseases/rabies etc and/or if anyone allergic to them. Use your own judgment if you want to touch them but don't be surprised if you sit down somewhere and a couple plop onto your lap to curl up and sleep. It's adorable.

  • The question is a bit vague …….looking for some travellers input who have been to Morocco…..good riads to stay at,info about hire cars or using private drivers ……seeing something off the tourist trail,

    • Morocco is a great place! It's like the a modern day wild west Beverly Hills in North Africa.

      Marrakech is the pick of locations IMHO, it has a bit of everything. Explore the "rich" and "poor" centres. The contrast of poor and rich is startling. Have a hammam, drink lots of coffee, explore the markets, eat lots of food - the touristy places are easy to spot and avoid. Check out the mosques. Visit El Badi palace. Take a daytrip to the hills and see some of the villages. Eat proper tagine.

      1. Taxi's will rip you off at the airport. It's just how it is :) They'll still be cheap.
      2. Do NOT rent a car or accept rides from drivers lurking about. You can hire a driver for daytrips cheap from many legit businesses in town.
      3. Avoid drugs of any kind.
      4. Try and learn some basic french terms. If not, always try and speak to someone younger - they'll know English.
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