'Cloning' Key/Fob for Hyundai I30 2017 PD (MY18) ? Used Anyone for Similar Service You've Been Happy with?


Recently bought the aforementioned vehicle, alas previous owner had lost one of the Hyundai 'Smart Keys' - I have one thats working 100% - so best viable option for another is to 'clone' it.

The one I have looks identical to this: http://www.car-keys-online.com/product/930/hyundai-i30-smart...
But I am sure there's aftermarket/non-genuine ones that can be used for cloning - rather than the much more expensive OEM stuff.

Am wondering if anyone has had a late model's remote key fob cloned via someone and been particularly happy with the service and price?

I know I could go to the dealer and get done - but I'm not in the mood to grab my ankles and cough - if you get my drift.

Thanks in advance for any feedback.


  • If you are in Sydney markets such as Parklea and Flemington are your best bet. Have done a few there and am happy with it.

    • Ok cool - FWIW what year & model were the cars you got done there? I ask as the older stuff is apparently pretty easy but the newer ones much harder.

      • A 2015 Hyundai was done there but I am sure they will be able to do newer models just at a higher cost obviously.

        • I appreciate what you're saying but in chatting with another few auto locksmiths now it appears there's no aftermarket remotes for this model yet - meaning you have to use the genuine Hyundai fob - which means it's almost certain a market operator won't have it.

          But look I'll keep in mind but apparently this just is a tricky model to get done.

  • Have a look on ebay/gumtree - plenty of people offering 'laser cutting' services for car keys.

    I think programming a remote is pretty straight forward, might even be described in your owners manual or check youtube, which just leaves cutting the key.

    You might also consider just getting a key, instead of the remote too. That might have a few bucks.

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      Appreciate the reply but alas it's a bit more complicated for late model cars - older ones could be done very cheap but apparently newer ones with alarms and immobilisers all integrated into the remote makes this much harder.

      I've looked via all those things you've said, I have a few people coming back to me with quotes but seeking folks who have had done for late (i.e 2016+) cars and were happy with the result and costs.

      Again much thanks for your help but it's considerably beyond those levels of complexity i.e in owners manual. :-)

      • The number of people selling blank remotes/key for late model i30s on ebay, makes me think it isn't exactly rocket science. Several sellers state "if the remote looks the same, it'll work".

        I'd understand if it was one of those keyless start systems, but I highly doubt the imobiliser/alarm technology has changed drastically between 2009 and 2019.

        Of course, I could be wrong - I don't have specific knowledge of the 2018 i30.

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          I get that you're genuinely trying to assist - but you've looked for maybe a few mins and I've been looking at this stuff for days…..so perhaps just take my word for it that it's more complicated than it appears. What you're seeing is likely yumcha blanks that work for FD/GD's and still thats not a given to work. I need for a PD - which is YES, a keyless start system.

          And as I have specific knowledge of the 2108 i30 thats why I'm able to again assure you thats it's not as simple as just grabbing one of the many i30 blanks - trust me I really wish it were. :-)

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            I need for a PD - which is YES, a keyless start system.

            How come the link you posted has a picture of a key blank?

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              @salmon123: Argumentative much? ;-)

              Go google the 2018 i30 Elite -its a keyless start system, the smart key has the remote fob with the key blade, which is held within the fob and is generally for emergency use only as the only key lock on the car is a single one on the drivers door.

              Honestly for someone who doesn't have the actual car you seem to think you know a hell of a lot about it - I've tried to be as nice as can be as you were trying to assist but your repeated insistance that you know better on stuff gets old pretty fast.

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                @Nikko: Dude - I don't know what your problem is. You're posting on a general forum about a very specific car. You're behaving like there's some magical technology is your crappy Hyundai. For someone that doesn't know much about these things, I can tell you for fact that there's no dark magic in your hyundai key. It's using 20 year technology.

                Maybe once you've pulled your head out of your ass, you could try asking the same question on a car forum?

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                  @salmon123: My problem? You questioned whether I even was correct stating my own car was keyless start, THAT is the level of arrogance/stupidity you've forced upon me - I repeatedly acknowledged you were trying to assist but it wasn't as simple as you implied - but over and over you said it was essentially simple.

                  It's funny you first say it's a very specific car and I'm wrong to post on a general forum (ummmm I think you'll find in all threads most discussions are pretty specific but ok) - but then you say that it's such widely available tech that it's very easy to find.

                  Again you're one of these know it all PITAS, as I well before this HAD already posted it over on i30 owner forum - and even there as it's such a new model folks have no idea (as of time of writing) who can resolve. I posted here on the off chance that someone with a late model car had found an auto locksmith they'd been happy with both in results and end price.

                  How about we leave it at that as evidently you think this is some super simple task and as the only one of the two of us who has now spoken to around 4 auto locksmiths, I can only pass on what they're saying - which is that it isn't.

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                    Again you're one of these know it all PITAS

                    Just look at the votes, I think we know who the PITA and is.

                    How about we leave it at that as evidently you think this is some super simple task and as the only one of the two of us who has now spoken to around 4 auto locksmiths, I can only pass on what they're saying - which is that it isn't.

                    If you've spoken to them and believe what they are saying, what is that you expect to hear from a forum?

                    • @salmon123: If life was so simple that a few rando's click a box and that told the story.

                      Honestly and I don't mean to be harsh (as I'm not telling others people to pull their heads out of their arses) but I think the complexity of the issue and the very simple rationale of why despite having other paths of investigation that I didn't keep you in the loop of - is just a bit beyond you, you think it's instead very simple. Like I said lets leave at that.

  • What prices have you been quoted so far?

    • Hi Phil,

      I've not been able to get a single price back yet - and this is after asking around 6 providers that specifically state they are auto locksmiths - even the dealership hasn't gotten back to me yet - but that could just be dealership slackness. I'm not going to chase any of them as I've no great urgency - but will follow up if I haven't heard by Monday - there are around 3-4 of them that I could potentially hear back from and about that same number have already said, no we dont' have the ability to do key/fobs for that vehicle.

      • I have a similar car and I accidentally put my key fob through the wash. Worried it wouldn't work anymore so I did a quote on a replacement at the dealer. I think they quoted $600. Thankfully, didn't have to get it made

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    If the part numbers in your link are correct for your vehicle, then cheaper genuine is available.
    Any decent locksmith (or hyundai dealership) should be able to cut/program. I even have a key programmer that lists your car.

    or, find the FCC ID of your smart key (should be printed somewhere inside your key) and do a google search. You may find that another model Hyundai shares the same key electronics in a different shell.

    • Phil,
      Much thanks - I'd found those ones before but your confirmation of them is appreciated.

      FWIW which model key programmer do you have?

      I'll try to find the FCC ID as you say - tell me does just the remote fob have the transponder in it or is there one in the key blade (shown in that link you provided) as well? I'd likely get both but just wondering.

      Thanks again.

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    I haven't bought from that site, but there are other online sellers that have the key for around the same price. You need to research. You should also call your local Hyundai spare parts department and quote the part numbers for a price.

    I have a XTOOL X100 PRO Auto Key Programmer.

    If your key has a transponder, I would guess that it with the key blade (but I really don't know). There are many different types that require different styles of programming. This will become an issue if you go down the non-genuine road. I have an ebay mini zed bull. It can't write to every transponder but it does a good job of identifying the transponder type.

    Even if you don't end up getting an additional smart key, you should still get a key cut. Any automotive locksmith should be able to check if your key has a transponder and cut you a suitable replacement. If present on your original key, the new transponder should be able to be cloned of programmed to your vehicle.

    • Phil, much thanks - great advice and I will take it to heart - thank you.