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David Jones Leather Shoes $31.48 (Was $79.95) | Studio.W Ay Leather Shoes $35.98 (Was $129.95) Delivered @ OzSale

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  • Studio.W Ay Almond Toe Lace Up - Black

    Any reviews on this, comfort wise?

  • got one. cheaper than getting my shoes resoled!

  • I'm due for a new pair of work shoes. Hows the quality on these?

  • Thanks OP. How does the referral work on ozsale?

  • I'm wearing my $10 K-Mart shoes, the rear soles are ripping off but should get another year or so out of them.

    • Y downvote this person? They're a true OzBargainer!

      • I didn't downvote them, though I should have! 'should get another year or so' sigh amateur hour. Should be measuring in decades.

        • Exactly. Find an old car tyre on the side of the road, trace and cut it to size with a discarded hacksaw blade, and resole the shoes with it using discarded resin from the local council cleanup.

  • I won't buy leather shoes online again!

  • Buy in-store better.

  • cracker deal. bought 4 pairs. thanks OP.


    these are ~$140-$150 RRP

  • Cracker deal, bought 10 pairs

  • +10 votes

    LOL got mine today as I ordered them a few days ago. Here's my list of issues
    1. Right shoe has creases indicating wear.
    2. Left shoe is 8 eyelets right shoe is 6 eyelets
    3. Cuts of leather are different between shoes
    4. Stitching is different

    They do both have stickers indicating the same serial or model numbers though. Must be a design variation.

    I've asked for a refund

    • Damn this is worrying. I bought two pairs.

    • mine are great. only minor thing was tan shoe arrived a bit brighter brown than pictured

    • Took a while to respond but they offered a refund and I get to keep the mismatched shoes lol. They kind of look similar. Maybe I can still wear them occasionally. Maybe at least once off for a wedding I'm attending soon

      • Just smile at people and they will not notice your shoes. Or stand with one leg behind the other.

  • Bought a brown pair as part of the sale. Thanks op.

    Incidentally I bought an incorrect sized black pair and cancelled the order straight away. Hopefully it’s a straight cancellation given they wouldn’t have processed the order etc.

    • Shoes arrived today. Mine are Goodyear welter which is awesome for the price. Do look like they have been tried in a few times but that is a fair trade.

      The full refund got processed back to my credit card after 5 days or so.

  • nearly sold out of the black studio w almond toe .. didn't check any of the others.
    (i just wanted to be able to write "almond toe")

  • Those are some ugly ass shoes.

  • Turned out fastway delivered my parcel or at least tried to. Twice the driver didn't inform me when he came or left it at a safe place even after speaking with him. He instead left it an ezymart at another suburb 30mins away.

    With no car, I refused to collect it from there and they said the third time requires an additional deliver fee so I ask them to return to sender. Not going to pay them out of principle after they screwed me twice and next time I will boycott them.

    Hopefully Ozsale can give me a full refund.

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