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Ring Video Doorbell 2 with Chime $240 (Save $50) @ Costco (Membership Required)


Ring Video Doorbell 2 is on sale at Costco. Discounted by $50 from their usual price.

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Costco Wholesale
Costco Wholesale

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  • bunnings has them for 239 without membership here.
    $227 C&C @ david jones and even cheaper @ officeworks pricebeat if they have that in stock

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      This one came with Chime at least worth extra few dollars?

      • Chim is about $30-$39. So this one is a bargain. Maybe Bunning can 10% price beat with Chim which come down to $210.6

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          To price match that same item should be available in Bunnings. Costco has both items bundled together in a single box but Bunnings don’t have the same item.

          • @tavk: I managed to price match from bunnings across the road at Crossroads. Got it for $216 altogether (ring doorbell 2 + chime).

            • @OzTech74L: bunnings narre warren didn't match this price because they sell them separately.

              • @mmcs: Dang! I guess ymmv. If it will help I can send you a pix of the receipt from Bunnings.

                I was at JB Hiffi world square today to buy another one for my sister but the guy told me they cannot price match as Costco is a membership sale bleven i told them bunnings did.

                • @OzTech74L: Thank you for your reply. It would be great if you could send me the receipt, so I can try other bunnings as well. Thanks in advance.

  • Do you know if they sell the WIFI extender? If they do any idea of the cost?

    • The chime is also a wifi extender

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        nope, there is chim only and chim with wifi extender.

        • Yes that's right. I think the cheapest I've found is $78.

    • Wait … are people actually connecting this using a wireless signal?

      • That’s how it works. Connects to 2.4Ghz Wi-Fi (channel 1-11 only).

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    I would save myself the $234, and stick my head out the window and yell ding dong when someone presses the fake button

  • Any idea which ones can call you?

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    $239 at bunnings https://www.bunnings.com.au/ring-video-doorbell-2_p4211501 they would price match costco for 5%

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      Bunnings Scoresby matched Doorbell 2 and Chime for $239.99 (same price as Costco).

      Didn't push for 10% since they were resisting price match due to combo not being the same. Only came to the table after I showed the David Jones prices for the Doorbell 2 and the Chime Pro.



  • For those not yet on the NBN and still using something like ADSL, you may not get the best performance due to your low upload speed. The Ring site does state a minimum of 1Mbps but at that speed things might be a bit painful.

  • Bing Lee have the Chime Pro - Wi-Fi Extender on eBay for $69 free postage for prime, not sure if you don't have prime.

  • I heard these have a bit of lag, what are the alternatives?

  • Unlikely but anyone know if these are still at Costco north lakes?