Planning to Buy a Used Car - (Budget $13k Maybe use as Uber)

Hello all

I’m planning to buy a used car. My budget is around $12k-$13k. I’ve shortlisted Toyota Corolla and Honda City/Civic. This would be a family car but I might use it as an Uber/Ola/DiDi at times probably.

I have a few queries.

  1. Could someone suggest which car should I be buying? Toyota or a Honda? My main priority is the maintenance/usage cost including availability and cost of spare parts.
  2. I should probably getting a 2014 or 15 made car. Should I also look into the total kilometres it has run?
  3. Any other points I should be looking into?

*I’m looking only for a sedan.

Thanks in advance


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    Both cars are fine. Get whichever you like more


      I’ve actually went to a car yard last day, and the guy there said Honda city is not really a moving car. I understand he’s talking from a sales perspective. Would I suffer huge loss if at all I were to sell it after say 4-5 yrs?

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        all cars will suffer a 'huge loss' after 4-5 years. There wont be much difference between a Honda and a Toyota after a similar time.

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    Toyota tend to be cheaper to service (compared to Honda)


      Buying a Toyota for 13k with 150000 kms on the clock is sane? Any advice would be highly appreciated. This would be my first car :)

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        Nah, look into getting a Hyundai i30…. that's if you don't care about logos, and want to maximise your savings in upfront costs and running costs. Parts are pretty widespread and cheap too. If you buy smart/used, the money and percentage loss in the re-sale can be smaller than the Toyota or Honda.

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          I'm with Kangol, Toyota and Honda have great resale value, however, as a used car buyer, that means you pay more for less car.
          A Hyundai or Kia in the same price bracket will be younger (more features) and have fewer K's.
          Alternatively, you can save a few thousand and buy an equivalent age/Km car.


            @scubacoles: I was recently looking for a 2nd hand car for one of the kids. What I noticed was there were lots of Hyundai and Kia's available in the west of Sydney but all with very high kms. They had probably been bought at the lowest price and used as daily drivers into the city. They had certainly racked up a lot of k's and then rolled over (sold that is) to the next car.

            I found the Corollas were more expensive, had less k's, and had been used to go to the shops and church on Sunday. The Korean cars were cheaper, and also brought down the price of the Korean cars that didn't have high k's. It just took a while for the right one to come along.

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    Corolla on gas


    You can choose a Toyota Camry which is one of the best resale value cars.


    I think Toyota parts are comparatively cheap than Hondas.

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