Wearing Outdoor Shoes inside The House - Yes or No?

Hi All,

Do you have a habit in wearing outdoor shoes inside your house? If so, what's the logic behind it. Is this just cultural things?

I am not a fan of wearing shoes inside the house especially this can dirty the floor and more particularly it can stain carpets badly. But most importantly it may carry some harmful germs.

How do we politely ask guests to remove their shoes without offending them in any way?

What do you think? Please share your thoughts and opinions.



              • @DisabledUser194964: fair enough and I wasn't suggesting it had no benefits such as keeping crap off your floor. The only thing I was commenting on was the incorrect belief the poster had that it had the main benefit for keeping germs out which is does bugger all for. We leave all shoes by the front door.

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    I just went to check the bottom of the sneakers that I wear most - holy moly 3 chewing gum stains plus much more interesting-looking stains….

    Lucky I don’t wear outdoor shoes at home.

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    I'm just crazy and don't want my nice hardwood floors scratched up

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    This is simple, when I let them in, I just say you can chick your shoes there if you want. That answers the question they may or may not have had about where to leave them.

    If you tell them where to leave them, you are telling them that you assume, they would take their shoes off.

    I always ask if I have to take my shoes off when I go into someone else's house, maybe it's just me, but I feel like it's polite and respectful to ask.

  • i would never let my pristine feet touch your dirty house floor, who knows what you done on it when the doors are locked.

    • you dont have socks on?

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        my socks is not your floor rag

        • hey u make a good point….they would get free cleaning from ur clean socks…..hmmmmm

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    Wearing shoes in the house is a no-no for most Asians I guess.

    But when you have some Australian guest, they just waltz in and some considerate ones realised it and ask should they take it off, with a control smile saying it's ok but in the mind says the idiot in front still has shoes on.

    So after all the guess left, wave your hands and say goodbye. Shut the door and start mopping the floor on all the areas they have walk ….which is usually everywhere.

    • i've witnessed some of these asian counties, and believe me they are not as pristine as you say it is. Singapore seems to be the exception though, they know how to clean

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        Or it's cheap enough to pay someone to clean your house regularly.

      • You seem to have missed the point.
        Leave those outside issues outside, with the removal of shoes.

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    Culturally it's ingrained so I'm a bit clued. When I go to people homes I first guage to see if they wear shoes or not. If they don't then I remove mine and continue to do so even at their insistence that I keep them on.

    When people come over to mine they ask me what they should do or if they don't I politely ask them to remove their shoes (culturally it's expected but personally my homes carpeted so I would ask you regardles) then I proceed to promptly show them a selection of home shoes they could choose from.

    Technically were supposed to have separate shoes for the bathroom but YOLO.

    Hospitality is a big thing for us. You could say the guests level of comfort has a certain level of precedence over the homeowners rules (it's not I don't have milk to make you coffee. It's no probs whilst you send someone to discreetly buy the milk even if they put two and two together and they insist they'll do with an alternative you tell them it's no issue) but some things are less bendable (Purely an individual depending on how much weight they put on certain things).

    Sorry for the tangent

  • Of course I take my shoes off and ask to have my guests take theirs off, I'm not a savage or a caveman. We are humans not apes.

  • Get some of those plastic shoe protectors that forensics wear. If you can’t find any of them, use plastic bags over the shoes , held in place around the ankles with rubber bands

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    Haha. I know someone would ask us to take off our shoes when we visit her house.

    But when she come and visit, she would just walk in with her shoes.

    Now that’s unacceptable.

  • just have non-carpetted hard floors throughout the entire house…no worries about dirty carpets then…

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    I don't have "outdoor shoes", I only have shoes that I wear inside and outside.

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    If you are an office worker and want to see people freak out, take off your shoes and walk around in socks at the office. ;-)

    • Seriously, been there done that a lot. Most people are cool, but I did have one boss tell me off.

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        Yep. Most are cool. But one or two will scream OH&S at the top of their lungs.

    • Go one step further, Steve Jobs.

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        You mean turn into an exploitative selfish egomaniac poser who takes credit for the work of others and abuses people at a whim? A bit extreme.

        • Or, the reference was bare feet on the desk.


  • Politely ask. Only a douche visitor would take offence.

    I hate shoes inside, but it tends to be 50/50 in my household. Sometimes takes too much time to put shoes on and off going to the car, the shed, barbecue etc.

    Shoes on my nice couch is a criminal act however and will be punished severely.

    • Charlie Murphy!

  • I will wear socks when I visit someone if they are having a get together, I only wear shoes if I'm walking a fair distance outside otherwise its thongs. Houses that don't wear shoes inside smell much cleaner, its nice to be able to walk around without the bottoms of your feet turning black. If you have a space for shoes people will usually get the hint but for those that don't I'm not their baby sitter.

    One option I have seen someone do is to have a plastic lining between rooms.

  • I'm Asian so I always make it into a serious joke. But seriously I don't know why people ware shoes in the house especially into the bedroom.

  • For those that do ask guests to remove shoes, how do you manage taking your guests out the backyard for a bbq? Shoes off through the house then back on out the back, off again back inside? Seems a lot of trouble. I get it works for a house with no outdoor entertaining.

    Our house is no shoes on carpet which basically means no shoes in the bedroom areas. Then we get around barefoot a lot in summer and end up taking bae feet upstairs. Not easy to keep things ultra clean, but no shoes is a start

  • I do aircon installs for a living. No way will I take my toe capped shoes off in anyone's house. In fact, if we do take our safety shoes off, it negates our insurance.

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