Can Anyone Suggest a Good Mid-Tier 3D Printer?


Can anyone who has some knowledge into 3D printing suggest a mid-tier 3d printer ($500-$1500ish)

Looking to get into 3D printing and am not someone who struggles with new tech



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    What are you looking to print? What material?

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    I suggest joining the 3D Printing Australia group on Facebook. People there are very knowledgeable and helpful, and can provide some great deals on some printers.

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    Prusa i3 Mk3s

    You'll likely end up spending about the same amount on upgrading a cheaper printer to get it to the same level if you actually do get into it.

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    Ender 3 is a good all rounder at the lower end of your price range with some upgrades. Otherwise the Prusa if you want minimal fuss. The Prusa is at the upper end of your range especially with the exchange rate and import taxes and fees.

    • Would you recommend getting it pre-built or in the kit version?

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        Not sure which printer you're referring to but I'd recommend the kit in any case. You'll have to maintain it so better to know how it's put together anyway.

  • Prusa i3 MK3 without a doubt.

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    Check out Maker's Muse channel on YouTube. Lots of reviews of 3D printers and consumables. is 'My top 3D Printers for the 2019 Maker's Muse Studio.'

  • It's a little above your budget but with This in kit form you can move up to SLA printing, which is multiple times more detailed than LCD etc. It's the one I want anyway, if I can ever save that kinda cash.

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