Free HCP - Hydrolysed Collagen Peptides Sample from Bulk Nutrients


Hydrolysed Collagen Peptides (HCP) samples are in the house!

We've got both Raw and Rich Chocolate samples ready for you to try - Grab one here …(scroll down to where it says Request Free Sample tab).

HCP is a great tasting protein that’s easily digested, completely dairy-free and supports healthy hair, skin, nails, joints and tendons
The Collagen Crazy Team at Bulk Nutrients.
Ps, HCP tastes great with coffee, add Rich Chocolate HCP to make a delicious mocha

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    Lots of studies with positive results on collagen. Anyone take it as a supplement for weight training?

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      While there is some (medium) evidence that collagen may have skin and joint benefits it's a terrible choice as a protein supplement.
      This is ozbargain; collagen protein is much less effective for muscle protein syntehsis and more expensive per serve than whey.
      "Hydrolyzed collagen is taken in doses of around 10g a day for skin health and some benefits to joints, and can be taken with meals. It should not be taken in higher doses as a protein supplement (for muscle gain and fat loss) due to having less efficacy than other protein sources and a lacklustre amino acid profile."

      I like Bulk Nutrients and buy supplements from them. Just not this one!


    OP is it possible to order a sample without Facebook?

    Tried to order a sample before and it insisted on me having a Facebook account


    OP the page wont let me submit? everything has been filled out, tried closing browser and starting again with no luck.

  • +1 vote

    Can’t recommend AGAINST this mob enough. Terrible customer service. Arrogant attitudes. Was a long time loyal customer but the way I was treated when they shipped me the wrong thing and I wanted to return it was deplorable.
    Recommend spending your money elsewhere

    • +1 vote

      Thank you for sharing. If that's the way they treat customers on paper who knows what they are putting in their products.

    • +1 vote

      BS. One of the best.

      I have return items for free with no issue.

      4.9/5 on product review. over 6k votes

      • +2 votes

        I am very happy for you that you were fortunate enough to return items for free with no issue, however dismissing my experience and disparaging my name and effort to provide the community, that has provided me with so much, with some feedback is way off the mark mate.
        I’d very much appreciate you posting your own experiences without slandering others via profane acronyms and let users make up their own minds

    • +1 vote

      That's unfortunate! I ordered some pre-workout and protein powder from them a few months back - shipped super fast, but when I opened the post pack I found the pre-workout bag had split mid transit and dumped a bunch of powder over the rest of the shipment. I emailed them, sent them some pictures of where the PWO bag failed and what the rest of the shipment looked like coated in white powder, and said the rest still in the pouch appeared to be fine - they apologised and shipped a second full pack of pre-workout to me at zero extra cost to me.

      They're alright in my book..


        Same thing happened to me, and they shipped me a new packet,

        I can’t fault them for customer service.


          Sorry to hear that fluffyduff had a bad experience.

          I also had split bag and they sent a new one next day no questions asked.


    Everything I have bought from bulk nutrients is hard to finish. Tried some protein from various different brands which were more expensive and the difference was night and day, I couldn't wait to have them every day


      agree and disagree :)
      most of what I have tasted I did not like

      their banana was good but tasted a bit like banana candy
      I've tried scitec banana and it tasted more like banana milkshake and not banana candy

      their cookies and cream was very good
      infact better than Optimum Nutrition gold standard cookies and cream


    Generally find them quite good value. Fast shipping over to WA if it's only a few KG, but if you buy anything bulk (excuse the pun) such as the stack packs ( then it's like a 1.5 week wait as they ship out of Tas.

    Taste wise I find the comparable to other brands, generally quite good, the vanilla maple is very good.

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