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Kogan 7.2L Digital Low Fat 1800W Air Fryer $79 + Delivery @ Kogan


Kickstart healthy eating and cooking habits with this low fat digital fryer, letting you enjoy the delicious crunch of perfectly crisp fries and roasted favourites with minimal oil and zero guilt!

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    Ouch burnt digits


    Damnit just bought the 5.2L for $89 a few weeks ago.
    Not sure if this one would fit in my kitchen anyway so not too worried.

    Been great so far though, using it bloody often and not sure if I'll use my oven again for a loooong time.

    If anyone had any questions on it let me know!

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      Whats the difference between this and the phillips airfryers, which are worth about 3 times more (for some reason)

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        Hmm only had a real quick play around with the Phillips XXL in Costco so not too familiar with it.

        First glance I'd say the Phillips has better:

        -Likely warranty, never dealt with Kogan warranty but probably not amazing
        -Build Quality (Kogan is fine, not ultra solid but not too flimsy)
        -Accessories. Kogan just comes with the base pot and the tray. I think the Phillips would have more options for accessories
        -Kogan didn't really have any decent instructions with it
        -Off the top of my head I think the whole Kogan one is taller whereas the Phillips was a bit fatter but shorter.

        As for how well the Phillips actually works compared to the Kogan no clue there sadly, been totally happy so far with mine at least


      Out of curiosity, what can you put in the 5.2L basket.
      A whole bag of frozen fries? A whole chicken?
      Thinking of getting this 7.2L one. Missed the last deal so curious how your one performs.
      Cheers :)

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        5.2L basket was able to do a whole butterfly chicken. Height was no worries but width-wise it was juust about full.
        Just checked the actual dimensions of the basket and it's 22x23x10cm~

        Trying out a regular full-sized roast chicken tonight and it looks like it'll fit in no worries with some veggies too!
        And the most important part - I was able to do 2 frozen pies, 2 chicken tenders and a some fries :)

        So far I've been trying to keep it as just the one layer and not overlapping anything though so you could probably fit more if you layered it all and just flipped it all while cooking

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    Good price for a large airfryer. Most at this price are 3 litres in size.

    If you're new to "air fryers", don't be fooled by the name, they are nothing more than mini fan forced ovens. However, their super fast start up and energy savings make them well worth the small outlay IMHO.


      Do you still need to preheat it like an oven?

      Do you follow the heating instructions on the back of the package which are for ovens or have to make adjustments (heating time, temperature)? I don't know how to adjust because I have no idea how these compare with real ovens.


        Never really bothered to preheat mine, seems like it gets hot in maybe a minute or two anyway so haven't really worried about it.

        Still getting used to it as well but so far I think I still need to bump the temperature a bit lower and a tad shorter compared to a preheated fan-forced oven


    Does anyone know how well this cooks compared with the Phillips one? Thanks.


    Philips xxl I got $330 tgg and $50 cash back on now so $280


      Got the philips XXL analogue one for $209 in amazon during prime day.

      I heard kmart ones are just as good as Philips but not sure. Maybe philips is more even cooking since it lies on a wire mesh??


        Kmart one is awesome. Had it for over a year. But its only 3.2l and no accessory trays etc.


    How much fries can you fit in one of these?

    A bag is anywhere from 650g to 1kg. Can you get a whole bag in?

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      My bag of fries is just about empty :(
      But I'd say I could fit in a 1kg bag of shoestrings into the 5.2L version no worries


        do they come out crispy like deep fry?

        I find with shoestrings in an oven, they don't come out crispy at all. Only wedges work well in an oven, or Birds Eye Deli chips (McCain now have their own imitation of BED chips which look and taste identical).

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    Would I find use in this if I don't buy frozen food?

    I love using a pressure cooker, and did own a mini air-fryer for a short time, but didn't really use it much.