Received a Parking Fine for Obstructing Ramp/Path/Passageway but There Is a Permissible Parking Sign Allowing Me to Do So

I feel I have unjustly received a fine ($268).Yes, I did obstruct the access to ramp/path/passageway. However, I have also obeyed a permissive parking sign, within a metered parking area, applying to the length of road where I parked my vehicle (in front of my residence).The permissible parking sign, allowing me to park there, is directly next to the ramp and vehicle in question.

The only thing I did wrong was to obey the sign.

Does anyone know what road rules take precedence?
It would be appreciated if someone can direct me to the rule/code in the NSW Road Rules 2014 that stipulates the order of precedence.
I am thinking of contesting the fine in court, as I was unsuccessful with my review with Revenue for NSW.

There are no parking signs or road markings restricting parking at the location in question.You need to pay to park there, but then receive a fine for not being allowed to park there… Surely there should be 'no stopping' sign on both sides of the ramp if that part of the road is excluded. Incorrect signage?? and now I need to pay for it.

Also, I had a look online at the ‘Penalty notice images’ uploaded and feel that the images do not tell the full story. It would appear that the photos were deliberately taken not to show the permissible parking sign – 6x images and not a single image showing the permissible parking sign…


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    Not aware that obstructing a ramp is ever permissible. A long stretch of road can have parking allowed but doesn't mean you can obstruct someone's dropped kerb garage or driveway. Pictures please.

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    a fine ($268)


    6x images and not a single image showing the permissible parking sign…

    Please link images.


    Hybroid, thanks for the comment. It is worth noting that the road in question and all the surrounding roads in Darlinghurst/city centre are clearly marked (combination of parking sings & road markings) where parking is permitted and where it is restricted.
    This is a short street (marked everywhere, almost every 10m there is a sign). I parked right in front of the sign.

    I am new to the forum…how do I upload photos?


    Draw a Picture pls

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    OP - that sign puts certain conditions on you parking on that road. Time restrictions, permit conditions and payment conditions. You must obey all these conditions AND ALL OTHER PARKING LIMITATIONS, like blocking ramps, blocking driveways etc…

    You have to obey the sign AND other 'normal' parking restrictions.

    There is NO WAY IN HELL that you will get off that parking ticket using your argument.

    Pay it and move on.

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    The fine was justified. You blocked an access ramp. You don’t need a sign to know what you did was wrong.

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    Good lord, why would you think it was okay to park there. Expensive lesson.


    Thanks for all the comments.

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      "It's not like you are going to remember or know every rule."

      I dunno, not parking in front of driveways/entrances/ramps ect would be something everyone everywhere knows? Like stopping at red lights and not running people over?

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    Hahahah @ disableduser already. :D

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