Buying Rimowa and Samsonite from Germany, Good Idea?

Hi guys,

I am planning a big trip to Europe in Oct for the first time and one of the things that I wanted to buy is a luggage.

Some of the key cities that I will be visiting and will probably be doing some shoppings are Paris, Munich, Prague, Florence, Barcelona (not sure if this city is good for shopping at all).

Depends on how much cheaper it is, I want to buy a large suitcase 75-82cm and a 55cm carry on.

I would appreciate if any of you can shed some lights on the following questions:
1) Samsonite are usually quite heavily discounted in Australia ie up to 50% off. Is it still worth while to wait and buy in Europe?
2) If it is, how much cheaper am I looking if I buy in Europe?
3) Depend on the price, I may want to buy a Rimowa carry on luggage. How much discount can I generally get from the retailer in Europe comparing to the Germany official RRP?
4) Within the cities that I will be visiting, where can I get them cheapest and from which retailer?

Lots of questions and any info will be appreciated!!



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    Rimowa is worthwhile as they barely go on sale (both frequency and amount).

    Samsonite, not so much. 50% off is pretty good and I wouldn't want to waste holiday time shopping for mid-range run of the mill suitcases to save a few measly buckydollars.


      I would buy Tumi or Briggs and Reilly - much better quality. Rimowa is for show.


        Tumi used to be great sometime a decade ago. Now they're made in China to a noticeably lower manufacturing standard. The side to side play on the wheels are much more than they used to be and overall fit and finish reflects the relative price point.

        The upside is, they're not as expensive we they used to be (relative to other mid to high end luggage).

        Rimowa is consistently well made. Not worth the price point but if value isn't the top priority, it is certainly my first choice.