eBay - How do you compare prices?

I try to sort through prices lowest to highest on items, and I get so many "bundled" items in there that it makes comparisons all but impossible. How do you guys find the cheapest of the item to buy? Eg, search for 512gb micro sd card and you'll get all sorts of bundled prices in there starting from $1.

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    I only buy products put up on ozbargain

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    put in a minimum price that is 3/4 of what you think the cheapest is


      This. Then check recommended products when you scroll down to the bottom of the page.

      I thought I read someone say to select used items to filter out the duplicates, not sure how that'd work.


      Thanks, that might be the only workable solution.

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    I also try not to buy anything from listings that have the $1 item as an option to make searching hard. Eventually ebay will realise this is just poisoning the value of their platform. But it has been this way for several years now, so I guess they don't care.

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      If they truly put customers first this wouldn't happen.


      I just keep scrolling until the bundles disappear. Except for outdated listings that have been neglected, I've never seen a bundled listing be cheaper than other listings.

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    Depends what I'm looking for to buy, usually I go Australia only which cuts out a lot of the cheaper stuff. When it has things like accessories appearing I usually subtract them out for example "Nintendo Switch -protector -skin" to remove things I don't want.

    I also check for etc stuff, things that have the ebayplus icon, click & collect, estimated or guranteed deliveries and ebay premium service writing. Even though I don't use any of them, usually if a store has them it means they're a well matured store (usually), without me having to actually click on the item check the store name, number of negs etc (which I do, do later).

    For certain stuff though sometimes I'm okay with paying a little extra if I know its a proper legit store and they do well, like stores that appear here, for example I might buy most of my flashdisks from "apusauction" even if its a dollar or two more, I know I won't have any issues at all.

    Lastly sometimes I go from most expensive instead, if I'm saying looking for a PS4 for example you'll probably only have to go through 2 or 3 pages of bundles and stuff before you start hitting the right price points and you start seeing the price go down. While if you go from lowest, you'll hit like 20 pages of accessories before you find it.

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    I get so many "bundled" items

    Is there no search filter that excludes bundles? This annoys the heck out of me too.