Parking Fines and Photo Evidence

Hi all, first time user and unsure if in correct area of the site but any advice on this subject would be great.

Had an interesting thing happen recently…

Dropped my young bloke at school (16yrs) and had an "parking/ranger inspector" take a photo of me while he exited the car. I got a fine in the mail for stopping in a no stop zone (fair enough) I didn't realise it was a no stop zone. My problem is that in the photos, I searched for on the revenue site, it shows my son in full view and in all the photos it shows another "Ranger/Inspector" taking a photo from another angle and looks as if they are photographing my son.

My issue is… how do I or anyone for that matter, know that the photos aren't being used for more sinister purposes. The person in question only has hooded type jumper and I think it has the local council logo on it.

It posed a number of questions…

How do I know it is for evidence? Are they allowed to take photos of school kids or just the cars? Should my sons face be blurred out in the photos for privacy as he's underage? Why don't they display that they are indeed inspectors so they don't get belted by someone for taking photos? I'm sure if they were confronted they would be more then happy to show people so why not display them.

I'm not trying to get out of the fine (sort of) but just a bit concerned. How many others has it happened to and how do they REALLY know it's for evidence? Unfortunately this is how people (or just me) have to think nowadays.

Open for discussion to all…

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    Photographing in a public space is not a crime.

    Someone belting another person is a crime.

    Parking in a no parking zone is an offence.

    Showing you photographic evidence is how you know it is being used as evidence.

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    If you're in or visible from a public space, anyone can take a photo of you for any reason.

    Also, your son is 16 - that's not really young anymore, I'd tamp down on your paranoia a tad - he's going to willingly put himself into far riskier situations than being photographed, fully clothed, in public. Heck, if my teens were any guide he already has.


    This is a really hard one to explain because there are lots of ifs and buts. But I will try. If I may? (Puns intended).

    Firstly, it’s not actually illegal to take photos of people (of any age) in a public place.

    ”There are no publicity or personality rights in Australia, and there is no right to privacy that protects a person’s image. “

    Should the images be sold for commercial purposes (eg for an advertising campaign) it becomes more important for the ‘models’ in the pictures need to give permission for their image to be reproduced. (However, there’s still a fine line for street photographers being able to sell these images (or win prizes through awards), as the whole purpose of the genre is to be candid.)

    This brings me to the next topic - reproduction of the image.

    It is my understanding that the images taken of your car are solely for the purpose of proving the car was illegally stopped/parked/etc. Therefore there is no plan to reproduce this image in order to sell for commercial purposes, or to purposely violate your sons privacy in any way.

    If the images were to pop up online or be used in a sinister way, then yes you may have a case against them. But before you worry about that happening, just ask yourself if you’ve ever seen pictures of someone else’s car being photographed for a fine, with anyone in the background being used in a sinister way?


    That's funny. My dad got fined during school pickup as well for stopping on the road, which is strange because he always parks on the side of the street. He asked for photo evidence and they could not supply it because inspectors are not allowed to take photos near the school due to underage kids. The fine was eventually withdrawn as they could not prove anything (i.e. wrong street address, time of event etc.). I'm in VIC so maybe rules are a bit different? Unless the council was just making shit up…


    Is there any difference to being captured on the thousands of video cameras all over the place and captured on a camera?

    Also, your son isn't walking around naked in public, is he?

    I don't get what the issue is if people's kids appear in photographs. Especially if they're in a public place. I'm not talking about at a beach or anything either.

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    The parking inspector took a picture because your son looked like a parking ticket - he had "fine" written all over him.

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    Op, you’re in NSW. This may help

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    No offence, but you're over reacting. Taking photos of people on public land is not an invasion of privacy.

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      I had people threaten to break my camera because I am photographing in their direction. Sometimes it happens when I have a camera and not even shooting.

      I feel like a free to air PSA is due - threatening to damage someone's property or cause physical harm is a criminal offence.


    Paranoid much?

    I’m sure on this planet there are a few people who get off doing stuff like that, but for the most part day to day drudgery and systems mean no one other than you will ever look at those photos.

    Maybe you should post them here so we can decide if it is bad or not.


    Paranoia, paranoia everybody's coming to get meeeeeee!

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    Hahahahahaha… Right… This is the funniest troll post I've read in a while. Really are scraping the bottom of the barrel for topics it seems.


    But apparently not concerned enough to approach the ranger and confirm who they were via checking their ID?

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    It's about time we need to add a first time user policy on discussions lol.


    Public space, anyone can take as many photos of you or your son as they like. Not sure what sort of sinister premise there is for photographing a 16 year old boy going to school though.

    If you hang around we are bound to have someone post a special on tin foil, you'll be able to make yourself a nice hat and save money

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    This is getting out of hand. Stupid troll posts by new users that go Disableduser123355 a few days in. Pointless. Thanks OP.

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